Have You Optimized Your Payment Processing Yet?

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Last updated Nov 2, 2023 at 7:23PM | Published on May 14, 2020 | Blog, Field Service, Integrations

Often, we talk about optimizing your field service business by using field service management software. And when people think of optimizing, they are thinking things like their technician’s schedule, the routes they are going to take, giving technicians mobile field service apps to quickly complete work orders, and many automation tools that drive field service management from behind the scenes.

But have you optimized payments yet?

One of the greatest challenges for field service businesses, especially small to medium-sized businesses, is waiting on payments for service completed and having to follow up with customers to get payments made. Delayed payments can harm cash flow, and leave your team constantly having to chase down customers for payment.

And no one wants to chase a customer for their payments if they don’t have to. In a perfect world, service is completed, and payment is made right away. But for that to happen, you need to be able to

  • Complete and close a work order on-site
  • Have an invoice generated automatically
  • Be able to accept payment on-site

Let’s look at how Fieldpoint’s newest integration is helping to optimize how payments are being received in field service management.

Fieldpoint now integrates with PaySimpleMobilePro and PaySimple

Fieldpoint has partnered with PaySimple to deliver a unique payment system through the new Fieldpoint MobilePro app. This new integration between Fieldpoint and PaySimple’s AppConnect will make it easy for technicians in the field to take credit card payments for service work completed. This integration is perfect for residential businesses that want to complete payments on-site, or small to medium-sized businesses wanting to optimize how they receive payments.

Technicians can complete work orders on the MobilePro app and finalize it to create an invoice, which is generated in their field service management software. Technicians on the mobile app can see the invoice available and the amount owed by the customer before they even leave the job site. This automation is completed inside the field service software for an accurate account of labor time, parts, and expenses used to complete a repair.

From the mobile field service app, a technician can take full or partial payment from the customer to put towards the invoice. The integration would open PaySimple’s AppConnect, where they can gather credit card information from the customer and submit the payment. Instantly, they will get confirmation of the payment, to ensure it has been made. 

Once full payment has been made, the invoice can be exported to your accounting software to finalize that the invoice has been paid in full. With this integration between Fieldpoint and PaySimple, field service businesses can now do it all, from quickly dispatch technicians and complete service using Fieldpoint, and collect payment for any type of job with PaySimple.

The benefits of mobile payment processing

The current payment model used in field service requires a work order to be processed into an invoice, which is then sent to a customer. Regardless of it being sent by email or regular snail mail, there is still a waiting period until payment is received. In a best-case scenario, a payment is made quickly and the invoice is closed. Worst case, someone has to constantly track down payments, reissue invoices, or worse, deal with a delinquent customer.  

Those are all lost man-hours and can be solved with a mobile payment processing system in place. Many small to medium-sized businesses can’t afford to have the money they are owed tied up in any sort of lengthy invoicing process or paying for someone to constantly remind customers to pay. And relationships can suffer when you have to constantly remind a customer to pay their bill.

Another benefit provided is convenience. More businesses want to offer flexible payment options such as credit cards as customers prefer the convenience they provide over paper checks. It’s easier and a more convenient way to make payments for repairs. Unfortunately, many field service businesses are held back, as their software doesn’t allow for credit card payments. This is no longer the case with Fieldpoint. Our integration with PaySimple pushes your business forward, provides a new level of customer experience, and increases same-day payments for your services.

Make improvements with mobile payment processing

Businesses can make a drastic improvement in their profitability by embracing mobile payment processing. By collecting payment in the field, you are removing any delay in receiving payment. Every stop along the path to get that invoice in the hands of the customer is immediately removed with Fieldpoint’s integration to PaySimple.

  • No waiting to process the invoice
  • No waiting for the customer to receive the invoice
  • No waiting for the customer to pay the invoice

All of those processes are condensed to a short timeframe due to the MobilePro’s ability to accept payments in the field, the connection with the field service software, and the integration to PaySimple.

It’s a secure way to collect payment and credit card information from your customers, which is one area of concern when giving out credit card information. But the secure backing of PaySimple ensures customer information is secure and meets PCI-Compliance regulations and standards required to complete the transaction.

Most importantly, it cuts the payment processing time from days and weeks to minutes. When they say time is money, it really can’t be any truer when it comes to payment processing. How much money are you spending by having someone process a work order into an invoice, followed by following up with the customer to ensure the invoice is paid? Would it not make more sense to complete the repair and collect the payment in the field? Have your technician spend the extra few minutes to gather payment immediately, then spending hours, days, and weeks on a single invoice.

Fieldpoint has that solution within our field service software with the integration to PaySimple as we continue to take steps to automate and optimize as much of the field service management process as possible.