Spending Plans For
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Build Accurate Quotes to Budget with Spending Plans

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Key Features


Flexible Spending Plans


Automate Spend Plan Mark-Ups


Adjusting Spending Plans


Spending Plans to Work Orders

Offer Customers More Options to Fit Their Budget

Produce multiple spend plans inside one quote, perfect for offering different levels or tiers of service. Build unique spend plans for each kind of service you provide and let your customer decide which service package fits their budget. Then turn that spending plan into a work order and get service started immediately.

Spending Plan
Field Service Spending Plan Software

Mark-Up or Gross Profit Automatically Calculated

Set up what you want your Gross Profit percentage or Mark-Up percentage to be, and when you add parts and labor hours to your spend plan, Fieldpoint will ensure the calculations are completed, giving you an accurate price for your spending plan. This ensures each spending plan you submit is profitable for your service business.

Make Adjustments to Improve Win/Loss Rate

Change the total cost, mark-up percentage, price and profit numbers on any spending plan line to improve your win/loss rate. Round prices to the nearest dollar, or reduce the mark-up percentage to bring a bid down in cost, while still ensuring you are generating profit for performing service. This will increase the number of quotes you win with accurate spending plans that still generate profit for your business.

Field Service Spending Plan Software
Field Service Spending Plan Software

Simple Clicks to Turn Spend Plans Into Service

Once your customer has selected the spending plan quote that is right for them, turn that quote into a work order with the right parts, labor hours and pricing. Go from quoting work to performing work quickly and efficiently, ensuring your service is excellent and profitable.

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