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Fieldpoint is a service and project management suite which provides tools for optimizing your subcontractor management. Services enterprises are increasingly using subcontractors, freelance resources, and third parties to deliver services to their clients. WorkMarket is a terrific tool to connect business and services talent pools to connect and deliver services required for their clients. 

Creates Work Orders Within Fieldpoint That Are Then Available in Work Market for Technicians to Bid On

Complete Visibility into Customer Data, Compensation and Deliverables

Techs Can Accept the Assignment on a Mobile Device and Request Rate Adjustments if Needed

Technicians Can Check In and Out Multiple Times in One Day

The Work Market integration is centered around creating work orders or assignments within Fieldpoint. These work orders are generated in Fieldpoint including required data such as scope of work, suggested compensation and what the technician needs to complete the task. That information is then available in Work Market and the technicians can bid on these jobs by either accepting the pre-set terms or making a request for an adjustment in compensation or scheduling. Once the technicians have made their bids or/and adjustments, this information is available in Fieldpoint for the customer to evaluate which technician they think is best to the job and whether any adjustments are accepted or not. The technician is then scheduled to do the work.

Once the technician starts the job, they can check-in to the assignment and once they are finished, they can check out. They can check-in and out multiple times in one day. Once the work order is completed, the technician can hit complete and this sends a notification directly to the company that hired them. Now that the work order is complete, they can review attachments that are appended to the work order as proof of work. These can be pictures, signatures or any criteria that needs to be fulfilled. The company can reject this as well if the information or documentation is not satisfactory it then it goes back to the technician to provide the missing data. When they accept the completion, that’s when Fieldpoint’s billing process will make sure that the technician is paid for services rendered.

About Work Market

Work market is a web-based, online platform and marketplace that works directly and through partnerships to leverage freelancers, contractors, and consultants as part of their overall talent strategy. They are revolutionizing how businesses and freelancers connect in the modern world.

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