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Project and Job Costing – every step of the way

For complex job planning that requires multiple resources, equipment and parts allocation and comprehensive planning, turn to Fieldpoint’s project and job costing solution. Whether you are planning a new installation, upgrading a large system or overhauling an old system, bring it in on time and on budget with project management software. Plan each step of your project, estimate costs, purchase parts and schedule resources, all with one field service management software that integrates with your CRM system.

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Field Service Project Management Software Key Features and Benefits


Retain Customers With Billing Flexibility


Plan Resources For Capacity Planning


Timesheet and Expense Management


Integrated Inventory and Purchasing

Field Service Subcontractor Management Software

Meet Project Demands

Resource Planner Creates Project Demand Plans for Longer Duration Projects and Installations

By considering project hours, estimated start and end dates for each project in a Gantt-style chart, you can see all project demands competing for the same skilled resources. Using field service scheduling software, schedule your resources for project related tasks and break-and-fix repairs using the same software. Effectively manage your entire workforce and keep project demands under control.

  • Share resources across your entire business, giving dispatchers the ability to schedule for repairs and project work
  • Ensure equipment is on-site when needed and the right technician, with the right skills, is scheduled for project tasks
  • For long duration projects and installations, plan each phase down to the task and schedule the right people for it

Key Success Areas

  • Plan resources across the life of the project using the resource planner to schedule technicians and equipment for project jobs
  • Service teams that do break-and-fix repairs one day and project installations the next have one field service scheduling software for both operations
  • Estimate the costs, revenues and margins and do actual cost analysis with job costing tools
  • Purchase materials and equipment with requisition, purchasing, and receipts of products fully integrated to leading financial inventory system
  • Built in billing triggers on various intervals to keep the cash flow solid throughout the life of the project
  • Track time against a project with access to timesheets and expense reporting tools through the field service mobile app

Track All Aspects of the Project

With Fieldpoint’s comprehensive field service management software, you can track all variables concerning the project in one location. For each individual project, track any work orders and appointments associated with the project, any expenses and enter time against the project task using the field service mobile app. Fieldpoint’s project module makes it easy for project managers to see the entire scope of their project in one portal.

  • Via the mobile app, review projects and tasks, enter time, expenses and parts
  • Technicians can enter time against project tasks using timesheets to track time put into the installation
  • Create work orders from within the project for jobs that require a work order

Inventory and Purchasing integration to Financials

For many organizations, installation projects and jobs involve coordinating the purchasing of materials and equipment. Buying materials at the right price, from the right vendor, with the right delivery capabilities can make or break a job. At Fieldpoint, we help you mitigate that risk with requisition, purchasing, and receipts of products fully integrated to leading financial inventory system like Microsoft Dynamics GP, Dynamics 365, NetSuite, and QuickBooks.

Custom Billing Flexibility

Build in flexible billing triggers to automatically create invoices through the life of the project. Build triggers on different variables, including progress billing, fixed price, time and materials, or based on project completion. Effectively manage the billing process through long duration projects that cross fiscal periods and keep cash flow running throughout the project’s lifecycle.

  • Customizable billing triggers based on different types and intervals
  • Mix and match billing scenarios with services billed monthly or on a single installation
  • Automate your billing process through the life of the project to ensure no invoice is missed

Powerful Analytical Dashboards and Reports Provided Within Project Applications

Get analytical reporting completed on projects and keep track of the project’s revenue, cost and margins. Forecast your cost to complete and the revenue you will generate through the installation project with Fieldpoint’s job costing an analytical tool.

  • Budget and revised budget to actual hours analysis on-going
  • Resource demand planning and forecasting
  • Detailed variance reporting
  • Complete project revenue, costs and margin analysis

Resource Utilization Across Field Service and Jobs

  • Identify your highest-performing team members
  • Track weekly, monthly, and yearly revenue analysis
  • Compare billable vs. non-billable activities
  • Utilization vs. billable utilization reporting

Subcontractor Management

Projects that require subcontractor services can be requisitioned directly within the project application and purchase orders issued through the standard integration to Microsoft Dynamics and NetSuite financials. For subcontractors used regularly with pricing agreements, assign them to a project and give them access to a secured portal to enter time and/or completion information. Upon an approval process, the system automatically issues a voucher for the amount owed in your financial system to match the invoice received from the vendor, streamlining your operations and driving administration costs down.

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