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Field Service Maintenance Contract Management Made Simple, and Effective

Manage your preventative maintenance and service level agreements with Fieldpoint’s contract management system. Manage contracts with your customers while automating planned maintenance schedules, work orders and invoices. Manage a variety of service contracts and grow the revenue of your business on the back of an accurate service contact system and deliver service when it’s needed.

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Service Contract Software Key Features and Benefits


Profitable and Recurring Service Contracts


Powerful PM Manager to Maintain Equipment Uptime


Service and Inspection Management to Ensure Accuracy & Compliance


Customizable Service Plans to Increase Revenue

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Streamline Service Contracts, PMs, and Warranty Management

Service contracts and maintenance agreements are two key areas for long-term service revenue and profitability. Make service level agreements and preventative maintenance contracts a key part of your future business growth and establish consistent revenue by signing a variety of contracts to cover service and equipment. Then follow it up with quality service delivered through an automated field service software that ensures you never miss a service call. With Fieldpoint’s contract management system, offering service contracts is easy to do and moves your business towards a path of recurring revenue.

  • Manage all SLA and preventative maintenance contracts in one portal
  • Build contracts to cover multiple pieces of equipment and a variety of different services and streamline contract management
  • Automate your contract system and remove manual processes for fast service delivery of contract deliverables

Warranty Tracking Made Easy

For simple warranty management, define the terms and conditions in the Fieldpoint asset tracking system. Tracks expiration dates, what is billable vs. non-billable, and what level of service response you provide. The service dispatch will take it from there. For extended warranties that customers wish to purchase, add addition lines to a service contract to cover the warranty period.


Contract Management that Keeps You Profitable

Fieldpoint service contracts give you the flexibility to define offerings that make you successful and keep your customers satisfied. Sell OEM contracts and include your subcontractors into the process – we will make sure they are compensated on time.

  • Common billing cycles – supports annual, quarterly, monthly, or custom
  • Set line item pricing to cover a complete site, product quantities, or specific asset ID
  • Complete proration support to make customer adjustments and add-ons
  • Define service levels (SLA), parts pricing, labor, and travel rate conditions
  • Streamline and automate contract renewal management

Powerful Preventative Maintenance Manager

For field service organization who perform preventative maintenance service, you will need a system that can automate as much of the process as possible. With Fieldpoint’s contract management system, build preventative maintenance schedules and define when your technicians need to be on site. The best field service software will automate work order creation from these schedules, which will include the right parts, checklists and resources required to ensure quality service is delivered to your customers.

  • Custom schedules – Automatically generate work orders on specified customer recurring schedules
  • The right skills – Assign specific skills, technicians, and subcontractors for each contract line
  • Set up technicians for success – PM work orders have the complete list of parts, tasks, and labor service required for your technicians to be successful

Inspection Management

Configurable checklists can be generated from service contracts to ensure that technicians are not missing steps and are meeting regulatory compliance.

Apply checklists to scheduled maintenance and the checklist will automatically be applied to any work order created from that schedule.

  • Mobile inspections made easy with asset details, labels, and scanners
  • Online and offline capabilities where there is no connectivity
  • Rules-based checklists and mobile forms to manage inspections, compliance, and data collection
  • Take real-time photographs of equipment that needs corrective action
  • Streamline reporting with formatted form requirements

Field Service Automation of Contracts

For contracts to be profitable, they need to be automated.

From generating work orders to invoices, take as much of the manual processing out of contract work as possible. With Fieldpoint’s contract management system, set billing intervals, schedule preventative maintenance calls and have work orders and invoices generated for you. Never miss a service call and keep your cash flow solid through the life of the contract with field service automation tools.

  • Work orders created automatically, ensuring you never miss a preventative maintenance call
  • Attach parts, checklists, tasks and parts to work orders and have them added automatically to work orders
  • Set billing dates for contracts and preventative maintenance service and have invoices generated automatically from the beginning to the end of the contract

See Our Field Service Management Software in Action

Customizable Service Plans

If your customers have a need, you have the ability to create a contract for it. The best field service software should be customizable, and with Fieldpoint’s contract management system, you can take on any of your customers’ needs and find service solutions for them. Add equipment, parts, items and offer different types all on one contract, removing the need to sign multiple contracts and agreements for equipment and service. Build a plan that is right for your customers, and keep all of your contracts consistent, regardless of their size, length or scope. With Fieldpoint, deliver and manage a range of service plans and don’t get stuck in a standardized plan. Expand your contracts to fit the needs of your customers and the new markets you want to establish.

  • Increase service revenue by opening new contract opportunities
  • Sign more contracts for longer terms and get more renewals of those contracts
  • Build a contract that fits your customer rather fitting your customer into a standardized contract
  • Cover any type of service or maintenance your customer requires

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See Our Field Service Management Software in Action