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Service Contract
Management Software

Field Service Maintenance Contract Management Made Simple, and Effective

Fieldpoint’s field service contract management module provides our customers with a streamlined, reliable way of keeping track of customer relationships, contracts, planned maintenance schedules, manage SLA’s and operations while keeping their service contracts efficient and profitable.

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Profitable and Recurring Service Contracts


Powerful PM Manager to Maintain Equipment Uptime


Service and Inspection Management to Ensure Accuracy & Compliance


ERP and CRM Integrations Drive Cash Flow Improvements

Streamline Service Contracts, PMs, and Warranty Management


Service contracts and maintenance agreements are two key areas for long-term service revenue and profitability. Not only do you want to sell and manage contracts, you need to offer quality service so that you can renew them for recurring revenue.

Helpdesk & Support Management and Contracts Software by Fieldpoint

Warranty Tracking Made Easy


For simple warranty management, define the terms and conditions in the Fieldpoint asset tracking system. Tracks expiration dates, what is billable vs. non-billable, and what level of service response you provide. The service dispatch will take it from there.

Enterprise Contract Management that Keeps You Profitable


Fieldpoint service contracts give you the flexibility to define offerings that make you successful and keep your customers satisfied. Sell OEM contracts and include your subcontractors into the process – we will make sure they are compensated on time.

  • Common billing cycles – supports annual, quarterly, monthly, or custom
  • Set line item pricing to cover a complete site, product quantities, or specific asset ID
  • Complete proration support to make customer adjustments and add-ons
  • Define service levels (SLA), parts pricing, labor, and travel rate conditions
  • Streamline and automate contract renewal management
Helpdesk & Support Management and Contracts Software by Fieldpoint
Helpdesk & Support Management and Contracts Software by Fieldpoint

Powerful PM Manager = Happy Customers


  • Custom schedules – Automatically generate work orders on specified customer recurring schedules 
  • The right skills – Assign specific skills, technicians, and subcontractors for each contract line
  • Set up techs for success – PM work orders have the complete list of parts, tasks, and labor service required for your techs to be successful

Inspection Management

Configurable checklists can be generated from service contracts to ensure that technicians are not missing steps and are meeting regulatory compliance. 

  • Mobile inspections made easy with integrated, asset details, labels, and scanners
  • Online and offline capabilities where there is no connectivity
  • Rules-based checklists and mobile forms to manage inspections, compliance, and data collection
  • Take real-time photographs of equipment that needs corrective action
  • Streamline reporting with formatted form requirements
Helpdesk & Support Management and Contracts Software by Fieldpoint
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