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Connected Fieldpoint:
Field Service and The Internet of Things (IoT)

Connected Field Service empowers organizations with the ability to monitor equipment remotely, and transmit data into the business’ database in real-time.

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Power of Connecting to Field Service


Predictive Maintenance Service Model for Better Business Outcomes


Connecting Devices with IoT to Generate Trigger Automated Action


Increase First Time Fix Rate with Accurate Data Collection  

The Next Step for Field Service Management with IoT

Equipment uptime is vital to optimizing service delivery. Every piece of equipment and appliance in the field will have sensors to monitor anomalies, errors, and upkeep and will be connected to an IoT platform.

Fieldpoint Can Collect Data from Any IoT Platform Provider

Fieldpoint has developed an array of integration tools that allow us to quickly and seamlessly connect to any IoT platform. Whatever platform manufacturers connect to, Fieldpoint can collect the error messages, anomalies, and alerts and efficiently process them.

Accurate Diagnostics and Predictive Maintenance Reduces Your Downtime

The paradigm is shifting from a reactive/preventative model to a predictive maintenance model. Where equipment was serviced at fixed intervals, now machines and devices can notify us when they are operating outside of normal parameters or predict when failure is imminent, allowing us to pre-emptively provide service. Technicians visit sites and inspect equipment when it is needed. This model results in lower administrative and field resource cost, improved equipment uptime, and higher customer satisfaction. Now you can provide better levels of service at lower costs than your competitors.

Enhance Your Field Service Management Experience

Connected devices are monitored for anomalies and error messages that trigger alerts and create work orders. We can customize the messages processed by each device and notify the system when maintenance or repair is required. This drives workflow and gives specific instructions to the work order — attach a diagnostic report or a checklist of tasks. When parts fail, workflow can request or order parts needed. The right technician can be assigned and dispatched based on the problem, availability, location, skill set, and/or certification, and they will have access to customer data.

Fix the Problem on the First Visit

Repeat service visits are costly, especially when providing warranty and contract service. Now you can provide a more efficient and cost-effective method of delivering service to your clients. More accurate and detailed problem information delivered by the device itself cuts down on contact with customs who have no specialized skills or understanding of the equipment. The correct technician can be assigned, arrive with the parts needed, and knowledge to solve the problem on the first visit. The savings that result go right to your bottom line.

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