Reporting and Business Intelligence

Built-in field service reporting and analytics

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Key Features and Benefits


Customizable Yet Simple to Use

Configure reports using a simple drag-and-drop function and build analytics regardless of IT knowledge


Better Insights for Better Decisions

Filter down in reporting with multiple options, gaining greater insight into your metrics


Graphical Interface

Present data in charts and graphics with a graphical interface that makes analytics detailed and simpler to assess by teams


Customized Dashboard

Build customized dashboard for individual users with analytics that matter to their position within the organization

Make Data-Driven Decisions to Boost Operations

Build reports that tell you how your business is running

To stay competitive in today’s field service industry, you need to know exactly how your business is operating. If changes need to be made, you need the data available to make informed business decisions. Fieldpoint’s Business Intelligence brings in all the data from the field and turns it into useful information you can use immediately. Improve your service delivery with metrics that dive deep into the heart of your field service operations.

  • Data straight from the field, giving you the most up-to-date information available
  • Quickly build analytics and reports that matter to you and your people
  • Make better, more informed business decisions with proper metrics and data

Service Performance Analysis and Growth

Improve your revenue with greater insight into your business

Open up visibility across your entire service department and see how your field service is delivering with Fieldpoint’s Business Intelligence. With the ability to create metrics and reports with a simple drag-and-drop function, build reports that dive into the heart of your operation. See who your best technician is in the field, how well service agreement contracts are performing, and what your first-time fix rate is.

  • SLA analysis to ensure contract are profitable and targets are being met
  • Monitor First-time fix rates for technicians, crews and the entire organization to improve service standards
  • Analyze part and labor margins by service type, coverage, customers and assets
  • See what your best-selling parts and service are and who is performing best on your team

Resource Utilization Across Field Service and Jobs

Track your technician’s performance in the field

Monitor your technician’s field statistics and performance and ensure they are driving revenue and not becoming an expense. Build reports to track each technician’s utilization, including first-time fix rates, their travel, work and idle times, and the revenue and margins they generate to see who your best performing technician is.

  • Identify your highest performing team members by narrowing down analytics
  • Track weekly, monthly, and yearly revenue analysis
  • Compare billable vs. non-billable activities
  • Utilization vs. billable utilization reporting

Narrow down your focus

Drill down in analytics to get to the meat of the metrics

Fieldpoint’s Business Intelligence doesn’t just skim the top of the analytics that your field service organization will want. They dive in deep and drill down to give you the metrics that you need. Slice and dice metrics and gain levels of analytics for a complete view of your entire service department. Drill down your service revenue by territory, office, by customer and by technician, to get the full picture of your field service delivery. Calculate metrics that fits your business and gain valuable insight into the revenue and profitability of your business.

Customizable Dashboards

Get the information that is meaningful to you

In today’s competitive field service environment, information is needed across the entire organization. Each user in your organization, however, needs information that is valuable to them, with their job role in mind. With Business Intelligence, build customized dashboards for each specific person and let them see the metrics that are important to them. Get metrics as soon as you log-in to your Fieldpoint field service software and have it with you when you need it.

  • Customize dashboards to each user that requires different information
  • Build multi-level, multi-quadrant dashboards with multiple charts, grids and forms they need to succeed each day
  • Have the analytics that matter to your job role at your fingertips. No two dashboards need to look the same.
  • Get flexibility in the information available to your service team.

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