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Field Service Business Intelligence Dashboard

Robust field service reporting and analytics, built in.

Fieldpoint’s field service management software gives you access to business intelligence dashboards that helps leverage data by generating analytical reports, using any combination of Key Performance Indicators that are unique to your business. User-friendly reports enable managers to see how departments, technicians, and service teams are performing. Our business intelligence module will help you keep your customers happy by highlighting challenges before they translate into problems and identifying new opportunities.

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Deliver intelligence to minimize non-productive activities, get a holistic overview, or see granular details


Configure and create reports using simple drag-and-drop functionality for any filter -build analytics regardless of IT knowledge


Flexibility allows the user to make informed business decisions by  drilling down on key data


Data is presented with integrated charts and graphs — a graphical interface makes analytics more impactful and simpler to assess by teams

Analyze Service Call Activity and Customer Performance

How well are your service level agreements doing?

  • SLA analysis of both response and repair times
  • SLA analysis with interruption analysis – Did you meet your SLAs?
  • First-time fix rates, mean time to repair, MTBFs, and MTTFs
  • Analyze part and labor margins by service type, coverage, customers, and assets

Resource Utilization Across Field Service and Jobs

Make Data-Driven Decisions to Boost Operations

  • Identify your highest performing team members
  • Track weekly, monthly, and yearly revenue analysis
  • Compare billable vs. non-billable activities
  • Utilization vs. billable utilization reporting

Analyze Service Contract Analysis and Revenue Growth

 How Profitable are your maintenance agreements?

  • Maintenance agreement profitability and cost
  • Asset level parts and labor usage reporting
  • Service level profitability
  • Service contract revenue yearly contrast reports
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