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Work Order Management Software

Go digital with your field service work orders!

Boost your business with Fieldpoint’s field service management software. Track field service work orders to closure and capture vital customer and business information for field service technicians to carry out their jobs without any delay or hindrance! Your field service management team can manage, monitor, and automate any customer service requests.  With integration to your ERP systems, meet your operational goals, speed up your cash flow, and drive new business opportunities to delight your customers!

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Drive better technical support with powerful resolution and collaboration tools



Quick and easy verification and tracking of customer assets, SLA’s commitments, resource dispatching and mobile access



Automatic generation of recurring maintenence work orders with task lists, parts inventory, and mobile data collection



Manage your budgets better with work order software integration to Fieldpoint’s job and project applications

Simple Work Order Management from Multi-Channel Sources



Manage all aspects of your work orders with Fieldpoint’s field service management software. You can easily access customer and work order history with simple search functions. Create work orders quickly to eliminate paper-based activities and easily have them dispatched to technicians in the field using the Fieldpoint mobile field service app. Record time & labor, parts and expenses on work orders and have an accurate history and details of all work completed. Fieldpoint’s mobile work order management system enables field service managers and supervisors to organize, schedule and send work orders to their teams from anywhere, anytime. These work orders can be generated from phone calls, emails, preventative maintenance scheduling or entered manually.

How it will help you:

  • Create, delete or reassign work orders
  • Manage break/fix, inspection, and preventative maintenance repairs
  • Speed up service delivery and accuracy in reporting with Fieldpoint’s mobile app
  • Offer technicians the ability to check, accept or decline new jobs
  • Monitor the status of the work order straight from the field, including job completion updates
  • Get customer sign-offs to close work orders and initiate the billing process

Monitor, Act, and Dispatch on Customer Service Levels

Funnel large volumes of repair and maintenance requests through an intuitive work order management system

Fieldpoint allows managers to effectively track, manage and schedule all work order information through a single dashboard. This includes creating work orders, updating requests, and tracking activity across enterprises.

All-in-one software solution for service, inspections, repair and preventive maintenance makes it easy for managers and dispatchers to place service requests, monitor real-time status updates, and leave feedback.

Now there is no need to manually generate work order requests, as Fieldpoint can automatically create and submit the forms needed.


You can –

  • Track service level agreements (SLA’s)
  • Get instant access to service history, and asset configurations
  • Dispatch technicians with skills, availability, and the right parts

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Work Order Management – Mobile Field Service App

monitor real-time status updates, place service requests and leave feedback for work performed

With Fieldpoint’s mobile field service software, dispatch technicians to a job by pushing work orders straight to their mobile app. Technicians can access all work order information, checklists and parts requirements from anywhere, at any time. They can complete service calls, take photos, fulfill checklist requirements and capture a customer signature from their mobile app, whether online or offline, and have it synchronized with the field service software for data transmission.

  • Mobile field service software app is compatible with iOS and Android phones and tablets
  • Display and update service dispatch of all services, tasks, parts and checklists consumed
  • Close calls, collect signatures, images and quickly generate invoices
Field Service WORK ORDER MANAGEMENT with Fieldpoint

Customer Asset Management

Complete visibility into your equipment

Fieldpoint’s customer asset management feature enables you to manage your customers owned or rented equipment, delivering a detailed history of service completed on each individual piece of equipment that remains connected, no matter if it’s assigned to a new customer, project or location. Have complete insight into all service completed, when new service needs to be scheduled and keep track of all warranties on recently purchased equipment. This helps you control any potential revenue leakage caused by incomplete or missing information.

    • Technicians in the field can view past work orders on equipment for service history and insight into possible repair solutions
    • Easily manage the removal of equipment from a job site to be replaced by another piece while service is conducted
    • Work orders attached to equipment repairs stay with the equipment throughout their entire lifecycle and are accessible via the field service software or mobile app

Timesheets, Expenses and Parts

The heart of a field service operation

Fieldpoint’s work order management system makes it easy to add parts, labor and travel time and additional expenses for a complete and accurate work order that can be quickly sent to billing. Parts from an integrated ERP system can be added to the work order, with a real-time view into how much inventory is in stock from within the work order management portal. Should a part not be in stock, service managers can initiate the purchasing process from within the field service software and be alerted when parts are available. In the field, technicians using the mobile field service app can collect their travel and labor time, which can be added to the work order upon completion. Meanwhile, technicians can add any additional expenses that need to be recorded against the work order or a project for a complete and accurate cost for the work being performed. Fieldpoint has the capability to interface to payroll or A/P systems to reimburse individuals for out of pocket expenses and is integrated to purchasing systems so purchase orders can be generated seamlessly for parts needed.

Work Order Templates and Automation

Reduce Administration Time and Increase Your ROI

Decrease the time it takes to prepare work orders with pre-designed work order templates for recurring service work your organization completes. Use for inspections and compliance maintenance, and have checklists and parts attached that will be used during the service call. Work order templates can be built for any kind of service call and make creating the work order, scheduling technicians and dispatching to their mobile field service app, quick and simple. Reduce administration time, and automate as much as the work order process as possible to have work orders created automatically, either through service level agreements or preventative maintenance contracts, ensuring a service call is never missed through the life of the contract.


Field Service WORK ORDER MANAGEMENT with Fieldpoint
Field Service WORK ORDER MANAGEMENT with Fieldpoint

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