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Mobile Checklists for Field Service Management

Available on the field service mobile app

For inspections, compliance, site surveys and maintenance procedures. With checklists, keep your technician’s workflow consistent throughout your organization with the easy to follow to-do list. Build any checklist your organization needs with Fieldpoint’s checklist designer and customize your checklist with required fields for each piece of equipment or specific service. Capture required information, add notes and pictures and go completely paperless.

mobile checklists on fsm software

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Mobile Checklist Key Features and Benefits


Customizable And Configurable

Easy drag and drop checklist builder allows you to tailor each list to a work order or piece of equipment

Smart And Nested Checklists

Advanced feature that prompts additional questions or actions based on the technician’s answers

Complete Automation

Have checklists automatically applied to inspection or maintenance work orders and delivered to field service mobile app

Streamline Workflows

Required fields ensure no part of the inspection or procedure is missed before a work order is closed out
Mobile Checklists

Advanced Checklists for Specific Industries

Checklists That Are Responsive To Your Technician’s Answers To Smart Questions

All industries have their own regulations that are in place to ensure safe workplaces, efficiency, and best practices. Mobile checklists help your enterprise systematically ensure that procedures are clear and effective and can be created in a way that is easy for your employees to access and complete. Catering to multiple industries, the ability to easily customize your mobile checklists is essential.

  • HVAC and Refrigeration services – Generate your preventative maintenance work orders with checklists automatically and never miss a step
  • Large IT infrastructure deployments – For procedure focused companies, checklists provide smart questions and tiered responses
  • Property and Facilities Management – Document your service levels, make sure the data they collect gets sent to the right place and execute your preventative maintenance plans
  • Fire & Life Safety – Comprehensive checklists for corrective actions, and compliance reporting
  • Inspection Companies – Create simple or multi-page forms and rules very quickly, effectively and error-free

Native Mobile Field Service App

Move From Paper To Mobile Forms In Minutes

Access all checklist information using the mobile field service app, which offers an easy to use interface for completing inspections, compliance reporting, and equipment maintenance services. Complete radio button or text-based answers or add pictures to checklist for a robust document of information, all from a mobile device.

  • Offline data collection with seamless integration to Fieldpoint’s work order management system and dispatching provides complete service management
  • Work orders support multiple pieces of equipment to execute site-based inspections efficiently
  • From simple check boxes to rules based multi-page forms, you will have the flexibility to dictate the complexity

Unmatched Customization and Flexibility

Create Unlimited Fields And Rules To Empower Your Technicians With Clear Instructions To Reduce The Margin Of Error

With Fieldpoint’s checklist designer, create as many fields and rules needed to complete service, inspections and compliance reports. Give your technicians clear instructions so nothing is missed during a service call and all the proper information is collected.

  • Create as many pages as you need to separate major sections to guide your technicians with ease
  • Build in steps to mitigate workflow, such as requiring signatures, dates and times, and scanned barcodes
  • Clean and legible responses can be electronically sent to dispatch and customer
  • Nesting feature allows for grouping of questions together
  • Easy drag and drop checklist builder for quick customization to make each list unique to job or piece of equipment
Mobile Checklists For Inspection Reports

Data Collection

Mobile Checklists For Inspection Reports

Utilize checklists for data collection on inspection reports, maintenance calls or calibrations by inserting data specific fields into your checklist design. Require technicians and subcontractors to insert data to move forward in their checklist, which leads to a detailed report for your customer when finalized.

  • Collect date and time stamps of any checklist process
  • Take photos before and after repairs to show work has been completed
  • Collect data points, such as calibrations, temperatures and pressure for accurate reporting
  • Collect customer signatures at any point to sign off on specific parts of a repair, or to finalize the work to prompt billing
Efficient Field Service Management With Mobile Checklists

Technicians and Subcontractors

Efficient Field Service Management With Mobile Checklists

Attach multiple checklists to a work order for individual pieces of equipment or inspections and have either your in-house technicians or hired subcontractors follow the same procedures to keep your standards consistent and high.

  • Step by step checklists keeps any technician or subcontractor completing the same work each time
  • Apply help documentation to checklists on specific items to assist technicians and subcontractors when completing a repair
  • Have time collected for easy bill payment of subcontractors after the work is completed and finalized

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Advanced Check-listing Manages Workflows

Checklists That Are Responsive To Your Technician’s Answers With Smart Responses

Easy to follow step by step mobile screens guide your technicians and subcontractors through each checklist item, creating a standard workflow regardless of the person completing the work.

  • Alter workflows based on responses requiring additional action
  • Keep technicians on task with required answers, ensuring all aspects of the checklist are complete before closing out the work order
  • Technicians can progress quickly through a checklist that has been attached to a work order without missing any procedural steps that may be required
  • Rules-based checklists and mobile forms to manage inspections, compliance, and data collection
Mobile Checklists for Field Service Management Efficiency

Automated Checklist Process

Attach Checklists To Preventative Maintenance Schedules

Automatically have checklists attached to work orders that are created from preventative maintenance contracts by attaching the checklist to the PM schedule. With defined dates in the schedule for preventative maintenance calls, any work order produced will have the checklist already attached, ready to be dispatched.

  • Automate the work order creation processes and never miss a checklist for preventative maintenance
  • Ensure each preventative maintenance call follows the same procedures and collects the needed information
  • Have a detailed service history for all preventative maintenance service calls scheduled

See Our Field Service Management Software in Action

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