Fieldpoint’s mobile field service app goes PRO

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Last updated Nov 2, 2023 at 7:23PM | Published on Jan 6, 2020 | Blog, Field Service, Mobile App & Checklist

Mobility is the cornerstone of many field service businesses. So much so that a recent Aberdeen Group survey showed 80% of field service businesses use mobile devices as part of their field activities. Mobile field service apps continue to be a driving force in the purchasing of field service software. That’s because what they offer to field technicians is the access they have never had before.

The driving trend in field service is for easy access to information from the field. Mobile field service apps are the very thing that grants that access. When we talk about moving away from manual processing and paper-based work orders, we are talking field service mobile apps. That’s why at Fieldpoint, we have designed a new mobile app to lead the way into the future for all sorts of businesses. Whether you are a small to medium business or enterprise, Fieldpoint’s new MobilePro field service app is designed to bring your service to the next level.

Mobile Field Service App Gives Access

Giving technicians access to information is how many in the field service industry are choosing to better utilize their technicians in the field. It is why service leaders are doing across the industry. According to Aberdeen’s survey, 59% of leaders are implementing real-time sharing of information across their business. Mobile field service apps are one of the largest ways to do that that will see exceptional results. Technicians in the field can access their field service app from their mobile device and gain information quickly.

In a particular use, technicians can easily search work order history to see past work completed on a piece of equipment. This can help reduce diagnosis times, repair times and allow for collaborative work between multiple technicians. It also allows the technician to have a complete history of work completed so they are not going into a repair blind. They can have answers for customers before they even get on the job site.

Fieldpoint’s MobilePro field service app is that link between the back office and field. Through the mobile field service app, technicians can access all the information from the field service software. That includes:

  • Work order history
  • Preventative maintenance contracts
  • Warranties
  • Past checklists completed
  • Project tasks
  • Parts and inventory

It hands the technicians the very same field service software your dispatchers and managers are using. From top to bottom, the entire business benefits from a software and field service app combination.

Customize Your Mobile Field Service App Experience

One of the major upgrades for Fieldpoint’s mobile field service app is the ability to customize the experience to fit your business. With Fieldpoint’s MobilePro, add new fields, lines and capture new information that is important to you. Add these new lines, fields, and forms in your field service software and update your MobilePro app to include them as well. Capture the information that you need to capture and always be able to evolve your information gathering process. Regardless of the size of your business, Fieldpoint’s new mobile field service app makes it easier for businesses to make the field service app do what they need it to do.

Continue To Empower Technicians And Subcontractors

While some things are new to the field service app, some things don’t need changing at all. The mobile field service app has a refreshed look and feel to be more capable of handling today’s field service work. However, the core functions of Fieldpoint’s field service app continue to be the ability to help technicians in the field in multiple ways.

Beyond seeing customer service history, entering customer service information is critical. It needs to be completed quickly, processed and turned into an invoice. And that is something that can’t be done when using a paper-based work order, as it has to be returned to the office for processing. Technicians using Fieldpoint’s mobile field service app can enter information on work orders, including adding parts and expenses for a complete service record. For compliance and maintenance records, complete custom checklists to ensure each step is followed and all information is captured. It’s an all in one application, rather than spread out over multiple pieces of paper.

Dispatchers can make changes to a technician’s schedule and it will automatically update on the technician’s mobile device. They won’t have to call back and forth to make changes but rather can have fluid transitions from one job to the next. With routing tools, turn-by-turn directions and self-assignment options, today’s technicians are more optimized and ready to handle a heavy workload in the same amount of work time as they did before they were given a mobile field service app.

 Additionally, field technicians can stay up-to-date on changes to work orders, projects and appointments by enabling push notifications. This is an enhancement to our native mobile application and comes pre-configured to notify for appointments being scheduled or changed, as well as work orders being assigned or re-assigned. 

Where Is Mobile Heading?

The question always being asked is, where is mobile heading in the future? Mobile field service apps have taken control of the field service industry but there is still room to grow. Particular interest is being placed on the type of maintenance business can offer, with a real push towards predictive maintenance. With the advent of the Internet of Things (IoT), mobile solutions are now more important than ever. When sensor technology alerts of a problem, technicians on their mobile device can be alerted immediately.

Remote solutions using mobile devices are helping to get repairs completed faster, thanks in large part to smart machine technology. While this self-service is helping the customer complete their own repairs, it’s aided by mobile field service apps promoting a technician to look into the matter before it becomes a problem.

The strength in field service apps like MobilePro is the ability to connect to field service software. Businesses big and small are finding new ways to use the Big Data collected and turn it into useful analytics. With this exchange between field service software and mobile field service apps, technicians are more prepared in the field to handle any problem that comes their way. They are supported, have greater insight, and are working more efficiently. And the key to all of this is empowering them with a mobile app solution that is designed with them in mind