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Mobile Field Service Management Software for Medical Device Enterprises

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Field Service Management Software for the Medical Device Industry

The medical industry is among the most regulated industries in the world. Enterprises that perform service, repair and inspections are increasingly searching for better ways to track critical records needed for regulatory compliance, service delivery improvement, and operational performance. For manufacturers and distributors providing preventative maintenance agreements and field service management for diagnostic, imaging, surgical, laser, and hospital equipment, Fieldpoint provides a field service management solution that integrates to your existing ERP, CRM, and accounting system



Create flexible maintenance agreements to service your customer’s medical devices


Automatically create preventative maintenance work orders for one or thousands of assets

Medical Devices

Use powerful dispatching tools to get the right certified technician onsite


Tasks, checklists, data collection, and reporting so your customers never fail an audit

Medical Device Maintenance Software

Make Your Contracts, Service Agreements, and Preventative Maintenance Efficient and Profitable

field service software for service and maintenance of medical equipment

Service contracts are a vital component of medical device businesses and Fieldpoint can help you manage them with efficiency and ease. Top level revenue comes from service level agreements and preventative maintenance contracts. Each agreement can be set up with its own pricing and billing cycle. Each piece of equipment can have its own site location, service response, and repair times. You can also set up parts and labor price terms and conditions, providing the flexibility your customers demand and helping your organization drive more revenue.

Work Order Tracking in the Field with Mobile Field Service Apps

From quoting to service to billing

In a highly regulated industry, you can access checklists integrated with the work order on your mobile device, based on industry compliance and government regulations. These checklists have mandatory fields where relevant data must be captured before the tech can close the work order. They can be customized based on information gathered from common service issues, compliance, and reports to guide techs in all areas they need to cover for PMs — they can collect device data, take pictures, and run audit reports.

Advanced Automation of Work Orders, Scheduling, and Dispatching

Increase top-level revenue and bottom line profitability

Work orders can be manually recorded or auto-generated from a service agreement, as well as recorded from emails, phone calls, and customer support portals. Dispatchers can access the right information, tech location, skills, certifications, and what parts are needed to complete the task, managing field service dispatch operations efficiently. In an industry where fast service is mission critical, Fieldpoint ensures that mean time to respond and repair is minimized. Through the mobile device, techs are immediately alerted when a new work order is added to their calendar and can access data in real time.

Quotes, Projects, and Job Costing for the Medical Device Industry

manages the complete medical equipment maintenance lifecycle

For complex, larger installations like medical facilities, Fieldpoint’s field service management software integrates with your CRM to create quotes for sales. From these quotes, you can generate work orders, jobs, and invoices, reducing the possibility of data entry errors. Access to flexible calendar and resource planning tools ensures automation on these larger projects. Build your job budget for materials, parts, and labor requirements directly from the quotes and choose one of the flexible progress billing terms to track your project.

Medical Device Maintenance Software

Inventory and Parts Management with Integration to ERP Systems

 Integrated Field Service Management

Downtime on medical equipment means lost revenue, unhappy patients, and, worst of all, lost lives. Meantime on repair must be minimized. Once the tech is at a facility, they may need a part immediately. With Fieldpoint’s field service management software, you can track all your parts and inventory with financial integration. Techs can order parts directly from the field, and all parts can be assigned warranties and have SLAs applied to them. With this level of ERP integration, you can keep track of warehouses and have access to data — when the part was ordered, shipped, and received. You can also manage trunk stock and assign drop shipment instructions. You can easily track either serialized or non-serialized parts in your warehouse or on trucks, track usage trends, monitor supply for optimal levels and ensure proper billing for every part used.

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