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Manage Data Centers, Telecom Deployments and IT Services All In One Software

The need for enhanced business technology continues to grow, so manage the deployments, maintenance, and services of your data center and telecom installations with Fieldpoint’s IT Services field service management software. Ensure equipment, business systems, and network uptimes, optimize service operations, and enhance your customer experience with end-to-end field service software.

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Deployment of the Solutions Your Customers Need

Manage the Moving Parts of Technology Rollouts with Field Service Software

Whether it’s a new VoIP or phone system, a new network in an office building, increasing the capacity of a data center, or enhancing operations with a cloud system and smart building technology, deploying IT Services requires large scale management of equipment and people. Ensure the success of every deployment project from start to finish with a field service software that handles all the moving parts, gives greater insight into job costing through estimates and actuals, and offers greater visibility into the entire scope of all your deployments.

IT Services Software

Smarter Scheduling and Optimized Planning

Get the Right Technicians, With the Right Skills, to the Job

Depending on the business solution and IT services you provide, your technicians may need special skill sets, certifications, and qualifications to handle maintenance, repairs, and deployments. Find the right technician, with the right skills, and automate your scheduling with a drag and drop feature to ensure you are sending the right people to your customers. Optimize their routes with Fieldpoint’s resource routing tool to reduce travel times, and maximize your technicians’ time every hour of every day.

“Fieldpoint allows us to aggregate repeatable tasks, creating a highly scalable business model and has made it possible for us to scale our business, allowing us to handle greater volume with the same number of internal resources.”
Missy Carbonneau

Vice President of IT, Bailiwick

Track Equipment and Service History

Accurate Equipment Information Through Assets Lifecycle

Before you take on any maintenance work, let your technician learn the history behind that asset. With a detailed work order management solution, have real-time and accurate information on each piece of equipment you have deployed over the course of its lifecycle. Track what repairs, upgrades and maintenance has been performed, service records, locations, and more critical information about that specific piece of equipment. Increase technician performance and likelihood of a high first-time fix rate with asset management and service history.

Support Call Management

Mobilize Your Workforce with MobilePro

A Field Service Mobile App to Increase Technician Productivity

When installing new data centers, network infrastructure, or performing regular maintenance, a mobile field service app will increase your technician’s productivity, and not reduce their performance due to remote locations or a lack of Internet connection. MobilePro, Fieldpoint’s mobile application, enables technicians to complete work orders, order parts, view service history, and complete checklists for safety, compliance, and business standards, all from their mobile device.

“Fieldpoint Mobile allows our Engineers the ability to provide ‘real-time’ service call updates. The tools have greatly enhanced our Engineers’ utilization and productivity.”
Jim Hones

Vice President of Engineering Services, EvolvTec

Other Key Features That Benefit IT Services

Expand your workforce with subcontractors and gain access to more skillsets to complete jobs

Become proactive in your service maintenance with Internet of Things (IoT) deployments

Automate work order creation to keep equipment in top working order with preventative maintenance contracts

Monitor utilization, first-time fix rates, mean time to repair and many more KPIs with Business Intelligence