Integrated Field Service Software for IT Services & Telecom Companies

Enterprise Field Service Software for managed Services Providers

Fieldpoint’s Field Service Management Software for IT Services and Telecom manages deployment, all customer assets and support calls. Supports your favorite remote monitoring systems and offers mobile field service app capabilities with checklisting features for in-house technicians and subcontractors.

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Work Order Management Software Key Features and Benefits


Call Center Management

Drive better technical support with powerful resolution and collaboration tools

Repair Work Orders & Tracking

Quick and easy verification and tracking of customer assets, SLA’s commitments, resource dispatching and mobile access

PM & Inspection Work Order Management

Automatic generation of recurring maintenance work orders with task lists, parts inventory, and mobile data collection

Complex Installation Deployment

Manage your budgets better with work order software integration to Fieldpoint’s job and project applications
Support Call Management

Support Call Management

The Backbone Of Superior Customer Service

Manage all your incoming support calls with Fieldpoint’s work order management system. Quickly access customer history, build support work orders, access remote monitoring systems and confirm contract agreements. With Fieldpoint’s field service software, your entire service department works within one portal and delivers an effective support system for all inbound customer service requests.

  • Utilize support templates for quick service call creation with all the built-in questions and solutions to typical network issues.
  • Build integrations with remote monitoring systems to capture alerts that produce service calls automatically.
  • Identify customer profiles, network assets, tools to monitor and act on SLA commitments.
  • Fieldpoint maintains a complete ongoing log of all voice contacts, text, emails, and troubleshooting communications.
  • Conversation history collection allows for calibration amongst teams and technicians who can pick up where someone else left off.

Third Party and Subcontractor Management

Empower All Your Technicians And Subcontractors

Utilize subcontractors and third-party vendors to complete service appointments with Fieldpoint’s subcontractor management module. With Fieldpoint’s integration to workforce management systems, accept bids and quotes from qualified subcontractors, on-board them quickly and schedule and dispatch them like any in-house technician. With the mobile field service app, subcontractors have access to the same mobile work orders and checklists, ensuring fast completion of service calls, billing and payment.

  • Employ subcontractors and third-party vendors and manage their activities from within Fieldpoint.
  • Accept quotes, assign and schedule jobs to subcontractors and push work orders using subcontractor portals and mobile app.
  • Integrated payroll creates a voucher for quick subcontract payment.

Mobile Functionality

Native Mobile Field Service App

With the Fieldpoint Mobile App, push technicians and subcontractors work orders straight to the field for them to accept. Limit their administration time and keep standards high by having them follow advanced checklists. With online and offline support, access work order information and service history even when no Internet infrastructure is present. The mobile app will sync when a connection is available and transmit work order information back to the head office for fast invoice process.

  • Push work orders to in-house technicians or outsourced subcontractors through the Fieldpoint mobile field service app to manage consistent workflow.
  • Guided checklists keep technicians on-task, and required smart answers dictate workflow and ensure no part of the work order is missed.
  • Online and offline capabilities for when no Internet service is available in new office buildings

On-Site Dispatching and Resource Routing

Real-Time Resource Planning And Scheduling With Interactive Scheduling Tool

Deploy field service technicians for on site repairs with Fieldpoint’s graphic scheduler. Find the right technician with a skill set search and see their entire schedule for better planning. With Fieldpoint’s Resource Routing tool, get a real-time interactive display that shows the location of your technicians and appointments. Find the nearest technician in an emergency situation and quickly reassign calls to meet those needs. Optimize each technicians route to reduce driving time and find additional time in their schedule for more service appointments.

  • Ensure the right technician with the right skills is dispatched
  • Get real-time locations of your technicians in the field and make smarter dispatching decisions with Resource Routing functionality
  • Optimize the routes of your technicians to reduce travel time and expenses, and keep technicians spending more time working and less time on the road

Asset Lifecycle Management

Manage And Track All Inventory And Assets Of Your Customers With Built-In Inventory Functionality.

Track complete service history, warranties and service contracts using Fieldpoint’s contract module and inventory functionality. Have detailed history of repair work completed and manage the complete lifecycle of your customer’s IT infrastructure.

  • Track all service history, service level agreements and warranties on any device or piece of equipment.
  • Use barcodes to easily scan and bring up equipment information and history.
  • Manage the lifecycle of customer assets and out-of-date technology by decommissioning and redeploying modern technology.

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Deployments and Roll-Outs

With Fieldpoint’s Project Module, We Can Help You Manage People, Products, And Services

Plan all major deployments with Fieldpoint’s project module and job costing tools. Build estimates and timelines to keep the project on-time and budget, while managing the purchasing, scheduling and movement of all resources, equipment and technicians to complete the installation.

  • Estimate project start and end dates and see project demands.
  • Quote time, materials and labor and purchase parts, coordinating the purchasing of materials and equipment.
  • Schedule resources and equipment for specific tasks during the project.
  • Track job costs with powerful analytical tools to ensure projects remain on-budget.

Advanced Reporting and Dashboards

How Well Are You Meeting Your Business Goals?

With Fieldpoint’s Business Intelligence module, build analytical reports that tell you exactly how your business is operating. Each user can have their own unique dashboard with analytical information that is important to their role. An easy drag and drop system makes it simple to customize reports and drill down into your business for more information to make better business decisions.

  • Analytical reporting on support call service level, resource utilization, and customer profitability
  • Customize reports to analyze service contracts, part and labor margins by service type, coverage, customers, and assets.
  • Set up key performance indicators to send notifications when markers aren’t being met, allowing for improved business decision making
Service dispatch software

Managed Services

Integrations To Streamline Your Operations

There are many systems you may need to integrate to in order to support your customers through a professional call center. That’s why Fieldpoint created the Fieldpoint Data Transfer Service (FPDTS), an integration tool that allows us to provide you with custom integrations to your favorite remote monitoring system, voice and email products. Or take advantage of our out-of-box integrations to leading products such as Microsoft Dynamics GP, NetSuite, QuickBooks, Salesforce, and Dynamics CRM.

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