Integration to Existing CRM, ERP & Accounting Systems


Out-of-the-box integrations with Microsoft GP, Dynamics 365, NetSuite, QuickBooks, WorkMarket and more, improves cash flow, decreases billing times and provides inventory and purchasing features


Add additional integrations to your field service software with Fieldpoint’s Data Transfer Service and leverage the power of a full end-to-end field service solution for your enterprise


Hire subcontractors and third-party vendors with integrations to WorkMarket and Service Channel. Complete bids, accept quotes and close out work orders fast


Fieldpoint uses a single timesheet system for field service and project resources to easily create payroll batches that are integrated to industry standard payroll systems.

Keep Corporate and Field Service Management Information Synchronized

All your required integrations within one system

Fieldpoint’s field service management software has the capability to keep service information  — customers, products, pricing, costing — in sync with your sales and financial systems. For new accounts, when products and services are sold, you should expect the same account to be set up when the call for service comes in. The same is true for installation projects, service contracts, and customer assets- they should all be created in your service database from sales.

Integrations with Inventory and Purchasing

real-time views into your success

Get a real-time view of inventory levels within your field service software through Fieldpoint’s integration with inventory systems. See live updates on stock levels when adding parts to work orders, giving your service department clear insight into what is available. If the stock isn’t available, requisition inventory which creates a purchase order, and is applied to the customer for accurate billing.

Workforce Management

support your latest business models with fieldpoint’s Subcontractor Management

Expand your workforce by utilizing third-party vendor portals such as WorkMarket and Service Channel to add subcontractors for service outside your regular territory of the scope of work. Without leaving Fieldpoint, upload work orders to third-party portals, receive and accept bids, push work orders out using Fieldpoint mobile field service app, and have the subcontractors finish the calls and close work orders. Integrations with billing create invoices for customers, while also creating an invoice for subcontractors so they are paid quickly.

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Field Service Management Seamlessly Integrates to Billing

Improve billing times with Fieldpoint’s built-in integrations to your accounting systems. Drastically reduce billing times, as technicians can capture customer signatures and close out work orders from the field, and immediately have all expense and time applied to the invoice. Approval can be automatic, sending invoices to the customers quickly, or have approvals ready after reviews are finished.

  • Improve cash flow by invoicing your customers quickly after service is completed.
  • Have all line items, such as time, labor, and expenses included on the invoice for detailed billing, straight from the field.
  • Invoices, sales orders and purchase orders are automatically created when work order is created, reducing data-entry time.

Tax System Integration

Fieldpoint has integrations with your tax systems that automate sales, tax calculation, and compliance within your existing ERP, POS, or e-commerce system. You no longer have to worry about your tax calculations.

Payroll System Integration and Management

Driving payroll administration costs is critical for service organizations. Fieldpoint uses a single timesheet system for field service and project resources to easily create payroll batches that are integrated to industry standard payroll systems.

Fieldpoint’s Open API (FPDTS) – Make it Your Own

Fieldpoint offers standard out-of-the-box financial integrations to many popular ERP and CRM systems. Fieldpoint’s open API (FPDTS) can be used to provide additional integrations to any systems that our customers may have. This tool can be used to provide simple or complex transfers of data efficiently, accurately, and with scalability.

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