Fieldpoint’s Integration with WorkMarket for Subcontractor Management



Last updated Aug 20, 2020 at 11:19AM | Published on Aug 4, 2017 | Blog

With an increased demand for subcontractors and third parties to deliver service to clients and grow a field service enterprise, Fieldpoint is offering seamless integration with WorkMarket to enable clients to quickly connect with subcontractors.

WorkMarket, a leading workforce management software solution, allows subcontractors and freelancers to offer their services to potential clients, bidding on jobs that fit their specific skill set. And through the integration with Fieldpoint, the process of managing assignments and bids from WorkMarket is all done within an integrated module, providing a fully automated subcontractor management system.

“The growing trend in the service industry is increased use of third parties and contractors to deliver our client’s service obligations,” said Rich Smart, President of Fieldpoint Service Applications. “The integration of Fieldpoint to WorkMarket creates a seamless interaction between our customers, field service dispatch system and automated labor markets, providing huge efficiencies for our mutual customers.”

In the module, the subcontractor management system allows for the creation of work orders and adjusting schedule and bids to be all created within Fieldpoint and transferred over to the WorkMarket platform.

With the integration, it means there is no for double entry of the same information into Fieldpoint’s work order module and onto the WorkMarket portal. It’s all done through Fieldpoint, while subcontractors and freelancers deal only in WorkMarket. Work orders generated in Fieldpoint including the scope of the work suggested compensation and what the technician will need to complete the task. Subcontractors will be able to see all the information available and bid on the job, or accept the pre-set terms, and if selected, they are scheduled to do the work.

Subcontractors can check-in to the assignment and once finished, check out, sending the work order directly to the client that hired them. Attachments, such as photos, notes, and checklists, can be reviewed and the client can accept or reject the information supplied. Once the work order is fully accepted, Fieldpoint’s billing process will make sure the subcontractor is paid, while also creating an invoice for the customer.

The Fieldpoint and WorkMarket integration is an easy way for field service management industries to hire qualified subcontractors, without the need to hire a full-time staff member or increase their administrative staff to handle the extra work.

It’s all in one portal, and in real-time, and answering the demand for a greater workforce by the field service industry.