Facility Maintenance Management Software for Service Providers

Fieldpoint is a single platform to manage janitorial, industrial cleaning, repair & maintenance, construction services, and more. Take advantage of our integrated financial, payroll, and business reporting tools, and drive your building services, property, and facility maintenance business. Use mobile field service apps for fast completion of work orders and get your resources where they need to be with resource routing tools.

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Facilities Management Software Key Features and Benefits


Cleaning And Janitorial Services

Manage contracts, customer billing, employee assignment and track payroll costs, while utilizing analytics to track profit and costing.

Construction Services

Fieldpoint’s project module allows you to obtain quotes and estimates, track costs and assign resources while driving cash flow through customer billing tools.


Repair and Maintenance

Set up preventative maintenance schedules for equipment or assign one-off repairs not part of an on-going contract for individual jobs.

Subcontractor Management

Manage through third-party integrations, push work order tasks, collect timesheets and payroll and create invoices for payment.

Fieldpoint’s Work Order Management Module

Facility Maintenance Software For Work Order Management

For service providers offering emergency, repair and maintenance services, Fieldpoint’s work order management allows for simple work order creation that provides superior customer service. Build work orders quickly and get them to your technicians in the field via the mobile field service app. Have one portal with your complete service history for each customer that is easily accessible.

  • Create customer and subcontractor estimates
  • Schedule and dispatch both internal employees or external subcontractors
  • Mobile field service app to communicate with the field and capture information, pictures and use guided checklists to complete work orders
  • Track time, materials and expenses through timesheets, payroll and integrated inventory control
  • For emergency or additional services that are required outside the contract terms or service agreement, create work orders and apply rates, assign technicians and push to the mobile device for timely service.

Resource Routing, Scheduling and Dispatch

Optimize Your Technician Schedules and Get The Right Technician To The Right Job

With Fieldpoint’s advanced scheduling tools, get the right technician to the right job site. Use a skill search to ensure the technician has the right skills, certificates and experience to complete the job. See their entire schedule with Fieldpoint’s resource calendar. Use Fieldpoint’s resource routing tool to see the location of each technician and appointment on an interactive map. Quickly assign and reassign appointments to technicians and find the nearest technician in emergency situations. Optimize their routes for the day to reduce travel times and miles driven and find more time to add additional service calls.

  • Give dispatchers real-time information from the field with GPS locations of every technician
  • Advanced scheduling tools give dispatchers full control to move work orders to fit as many in a technician’s day as possible
  • Optimize routes and save money on gas expenses and maintenance to vehicles by reducing travel times

Service Contracts

Boost Revenues From Contracts With Integrated Facility Maintenance Software

Have cleaning service schedules automatically generated with set pricing and billing cycles and quickly assign and schedule employees or subcontractors to get the work completed.

  • Service schedules automatically generated
  • Set pricing and billing cycles
  • Quickly assign and schedule employees or subcontractors
  • Measure revenue and costs by single or multiple locations
  • Track payroll costs, material consumed and other administrative expenses
  • Mobile checklist feature for quality control, or for guided repair service on equipment
  • Assign subcontractors and pay them through our financial integration services

Project Management and Job Costing

Utilize The Projects Module Within The Facility Maintenance System

For installation and large construction projects, use Fieldpoint’s project module to plan the full project timeline with job costing tools. Estimate profit margins, revenue and keep cash flow solid through the life of the project. Custom billing triggers ensure you never miss an invoice through the life of the project. Schedule your technicians, have parts, inventory and equipment delivered to the job site and manage each task of your installations from start to finish.

  • Utilize Fieldpoint’s project module for long-term, single or multi-facility construction services.
  • Quote and purchase materials with an integrated purchasing system
  • Track your budget to actual costs for each project or with business analysis tools over monthly or quarterly intervals
  • Assign available technicians to tasks with a complete view of their schedule
  • Use subcontractor agreements to complete portions of the project

Payroll and Financial Integration

Integration With ERP, CRM and Accounting Systems

Integrations with accounting software allow you to capture hours and costs through payroll, and timesheets for an accurate work order, service contracts, and project costing analysis. Capture time through third-party time and attendance systems, or Fieldpoint timesheet, and mobile apps. Have invoices generated quickly with financial integrations and return them to your customers fast. Use CRM and ERP systems for a complete end-to-end solution and populate your Fieldpoint system with parts and customer information.

  • Out-of-the-box integrations with Microsoft GP, NetSuite, and QuickBooks
  • Have invoices generate automatically when work orders are closed for fast billing
  • Connected system with your ERP and CRM system, reducing errors when adding or updating customer information
  • Parts inventory management for real-time view into stock levels

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Subcontractor Management

Subcontractor Management

Facility Maintenance Software For Subcontractor Management

As a service provider to facilities management customers, manage subcontractors inside your service management software without needing to open another portal. Create work orders and push them to third-party vendors where subcontractors can submit bids and quotes on customer work. Within Fieldpoint, view and accept bids, and keep in constant contact with subcontractors via integrated email, notifications, and available mobile applications. Upon completion of work, financial integrations create an invoice for the customer and a payment for the subcontractor, all within a streamlined approval process saving you time and money.

Business Intelligence and Reporting

Business Intelligence and Reporting

Advanced Reporting For Measuring And Analyzing Key Metrics

Generate reports using combinations of metrics and narrow down your focus to crews, individual employees or subcontractors, or a single facility and revenue per square foot. Customized dashboards help you identify profit margins and make informed business decisions based on real-time data. Set up performance indicators that alert you to changing trends, allowing you to make adjustments on the go to minimize any potential for losses and maximize revenue possibilities.

See Our Field Service Management Software in Action

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