How Well Does Your Facility Maintenance Software Manage Your Subcontractors?

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Last updated Dec 10, 2020 at 3:05PM | Published on Oct 26, 2017 | Blog, Facility Management Software

Facility management organizations are capitalizing on the high demand for service requests and expanding their operations by utilizing subcontractors to build a flexible workforce. As opposed to having full-time staff and greater costs for administration, janitorial, construction, and maintenance organizations are turning to facility maintenance software and third-party service providers to efficiently cover more territory and have more work completed.

But expansion doesn’t come without risks and maintaining lines of communication and your organization’s standards are paramount to keeping customers happy and ensuring work is completed on-time. It also comes with the issue of how to handle the large influx of jobs and subcontractors and make sure no task is missed and payments to your workers are completed as well.

That’s where a facility maintenance software can not only handle the new source of work orders from an expanding operation but also to coordinate the hiring of subcontractors through quotes and bids on jobs, straight through to paying them and issuing an invoice to the customer.

With the ability to upload batches of work orders to third-party vendors from within the facility maintenance software, data entry is kept to a single portal where you can receive quotes and bids on jobs and make the right selection for the work being offered. From the quote, through to scheduling, everything is done within the facility maintenance software, while your subcontractors can utilize the third-party portal.

With mobile field service app capabilities, subcontractors can download the app and work the same way your regular employees would, with work orders coming directly to their mobile device. With guided checklists, you can ensure your standards are being met, as required fields won’t allow the work order to be closed unless information, notes, or pictures are added to a specific task, ensuring that the work is being complete and standards remain high.

With the use of mobile technology and third-party vendors, the possibilities for your workforce growth are endless, and opportunities to generate more revenue by taking on more service calls becomes a large part of your business model going forward. Field service mobile field service app technology is making it so that everyone working under your organization’s banner is all using the same interface to complete their work and the workflow is no different between full-time employees and subcontractors.

It also means faster payments to your subcontractors, who can submit work orders straight from the mobile device and have it reviewed faster than any paper-based form could. Prompt payment vouchers can be issued within a short timeframe, keeping your growing subcontractor workforce happy and on the lookout for the next job to place their bid on.