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Mobile Field Service Software for Industrial Equipment Enterprises

Industrial Equipment Service Software

Asset-intensive businesses demand round the clock productivity. Leading industrial equipment businesses utilize Fieldpoint’s field service software to prevent equipment downtime and maximize productivity with mobile technology and integration. Boost responsiveness, field productivity, service revenue and customer satisfaction with Fieldpoint!


Manage your entire service operation in one place – work orders, assets, contracts, parts, scheduling and technicians


Empower technicians with mobile productivity tools and a native mobile app for work orders and inspections


Create enterprise work orders that are scalable for maintenance and emergency work


Accommodate customer billing requirements with multiple recurring billing schedules

Field Service Management

real-time visibility of industrial equipment work orders and delivery tracking 

Manage your entire service enterprise with Fieldpoint’s industrial equipment work order management system. Manage complex work orders, mobile field technicians, job scheduling, logistics, and invoices, all from one unified platform. From emergency repairs to preventative maintenance, load testing, inspections, service level agreement contracts, and installation projects, quickly and efficiently create work orders and have them ready to schedule and dispatch in moments. You have real-time visibility into customer and service repair history, easily searchable by company, date, service type, and more. Allow industrial equipment service consumers to get statuses and generate work orders by making use of customer portals.

Contract Management

Manage service contracts for your customers and keep track of billable contract activities

Tailor maintenance contracts to your specific customer’s requirements, and have work orders created automatically, ensuring a preventative maintenance call is never missed. Keep equipment running at peak efficiency, and avoid emergency calls with a planned service agreement to maintain your customer’s most important pieces of equipment. Attach documents or photos to your contracts to keep all relevant information together. Utilize contracts for rental agreements on equipment, with automated billing for quick turnarounds of customer invoices.

Contract Management
Equipment and Asset Tracking

Equipment and Asset Tracking

Manage Assets and Equipment to Increase Revenue and Protect Customer Relationships

Gain instant visibility into equipment and assets in the field, including detailed service history performed, contracts for equipment rentals, and equipment and asset location. Manage your equipment and assets service schedule, ensuring regular maintenance is performed, or when equipment and assets need to be switched out for loan and repair work. Prevent any revenue leakage, asset downtime, forecast equipment replacement and recognize upsell opportunities in the field.

System Integration

End to End Integrated Field Service Software

Built-in integrations with your favor ERP, CRM, accounting software, and customer systems reduces data entry time and errors while providing Fieldpoint’s field service software with customer profiles and employee information. Out-of-box integrations to systems like NetSuite, Microsoft Dynamics GP, QuickBooks, WorkMarket and more. Real-time inventory controls give service managers a real-time look at what is available in stock, and what needs to be requisitioned through a purchasing system that automatically applies purchased parts and inventory to sales orders and customer invoices.

System Integration

Subcontractor Management

empower your managers with Fieldpoint’s subcontractor scheduling software

Employ subcontractors and third-party vendors to complete service calls, and manage and monitor their activities with Fieldpoint’s subcontractor management module. Manage their quotes, push work orders to them using the Fieldpoint mobile app, and automate the assignment, dispatch, and billing of work completed.

  • Access the subcontractor’s availability, location, and skill set so that you can ensure you are scheduling the right technician for the job.
  • Support multiple quoting from several subcontractors, and get pricing on parts, labor, flat rate services and estimated time to completion.
  • Use Fieldpoint’s subcontractor software invoice verification application to compare quoted prices, work delivered, and parts consumed for accurate billing of services completed.

Advanced Mobile Functionality

Track technician’s time, expenses, and parts while maintaining a schedule

Our responsive solution is accessible from any device and doesn’t require any downloads or installs. Empower your technicians in the field with Fieldpoint’s mobile field service app, giving your technicians the ability to access work orders and inventory, track time and expenses and capture photos and customer signatures to close out work orders from the field. With advanced mobile checklists, customize workflows for your technicians or subcontractors with required and smart answers for inspection and compliance reports.

Business Intelligence and Advanced Reporting

Make Better Business Decisions

Get real-time data to make informed business decisions with Fieldpoint’s business intelligence. Build your own reporting metrics with customizable dashboards, which can be narrowed down to view any metric for any person in your organization. Create useful dashboards and reports based on work order information that comprises of industrial equipment service team history, time consumed, resources used, equipment rental profitability and the failure analysis report

From Inception to Support

Fine Tune Your Field Service Software According to Your Business Needs

Fieldpoint includes robust customization capabilities that make it easy to tailor to individual business process requirements. We have customers from various verticals, and the level of customization our field service software offers, as well as the highly skilled implementation team, contribute to our success in these sectors. Our support and onboarding team will work with you from inception to implementation and beyond, to ensure all your business goals are aligned and met.  With an open API, our Fieldpoint consultants can design integrations for tax software, subcontractor management and customer systems and any existing system that your enterprise is utilizing.  Examples of customizations include:

  • Custom Workflows and Escalations
  • Custom Fields
  • Permissions and Access Controls
  • Create Unlimited Field Agents and Subcontractors
  • Custom Notifications and Alerts
  • Reports Customizations
  • Advanced Checklisting Capabilities
Field Service Software Support

Field Service Software Blog

How Extensible is Your Mobile Application?

Venturing into the field service mobile app world, the question keeps popping up – how extensible is your mobile app? To elaborate, this means can you add smart forms, incorporate logic and workflow to your field service mobile app? Can you configure your workflow to manage your downstream activities to suit your technicians needs? Is the app serving as an extension of your back-office operations?

Where Does Your Field Service Management Need Improvement?

Improving your field service management is an improvement in your entire organization. From managers to dispatchers to technicians, everyone is going to feel the effects of improved field service management. Look at your field service software and the technology you use today and ask yourself what needs to be improved. Then look at your field service software and see if that can be accomplished or is it time to look somewhere else.

What is Field Service Management?

The question will arise whether your business needs field service management software. Every industry has different operational requirements and key success factors that need to be optimized. Does your company require this level of process consolidation?

How to Achieve Excellence with HVAC Field Service Software

As the HVAC industry changes, your organization will need an HVAC field service software that can handle the change. Fieldpoint’s field service management software comes complete with the tools needed to compete in today’s competitive field service market.

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