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Field Service Resource Routing

Field Service Management – Optimize Dispatching and Routing

The Fieldpoint Resource Routing Application is a dynamic dispatching tool that enables dispatchers to make smart scheduling decisions. Powered with real-time and accurate visual maps and pinpointed locations of customers and technicians. It’s a fast and convenient method of scheduling work orders, assigning technicians, and reducing travel time.

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See as much or less detail as you like in respect to your tech location, status and more 



Maximize utilization of resources to minimize idle time


Manage field operations centrally with a real-time view of the field 


Optimize routes to plan the best schedule with real-time traffic information in mind

Quick and Easy Drag and Drop Scheduling

get the right employee to the right appointment, at the right time, every time with optimized routing

Leverage Fieldpoint’s easy drag and drop scheduling interface because that will help your enterprise quickly schedule work orders, optimize routes and dispatch the right field technicians.


  • Find the nearest technicians for emergency work 
  • Match the right technician to a work order by job types tagged with the appropriate skills
  • Identify training oppurtunities by tracking technician performance

Field Service Route Optimization

Increase field workforce efficiency through the automation of optimizing routes to minimize drive time

Route optimization is an integral part of your field service software. So is rising fuel prices and competitive pressure on field service organizations to increase operational efficiency . Therefore you can now save time and be more fuel efficient with our proprietry scheduling and resource route optimization solution. 

  • Optimize multiple appointment scheduling to reduce travel times 
  • Plan a route that works best with the technians’ and customer locations 
  • Reduce travel distance, which will save on fuel and maintenance costs 

Monitor Progress of Your Field Technicians

view your field workforce in real-time on a map

With real-time GPS location tracking of your field workforce, you know where your technicians are, and which work order they are assigned to at all times. 


  • View the full route history for every crew, work order / job 
  • Send the right team to the right address with built-in address verification and geofencing
  • Get comprehensive driving instructions to any assigned location 

Real Time View of Field Service Operations 

Built into your field service software 

Get a real-time look into your field service operation with live updates from the field. With an active data connection, monitor the movement of your technicians on route to job sites, see real-time traffic maps through Google Maps® display, and see exactly where your technicians are in the field so that you can make adjustments in case of emergency calls.

  • Manage and monitor your technicians in real-time with location and traffic reports
  • Adjust schedules when new appointments emerge, while keeping schedules optimized for less travel
  • Improved communication with customers about time of arrival


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