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Fieldpoint for Security Systems

Fieldpoint for security systems can manage all processes related to your field service management– service requests, work orders, scheduling/dispatch, time sheets, resource utilization, and site inspections — with an integration into your business process systems to optimize service delivery. Our customers in the security systems space can improve compliance, increase productivity, reduce payment cycles, and increase revenue.


Field Service Scheduling, Dispatching, and Recurring Customer Billing

Integrations: CRM, ERP and Accounting Systems

Online and Offline Capabilities

Manage Inspections, Compliance and Procedures

Security Systems Field Service Software by Fieldpoint

Efficient Scheduling, Dispatch, Tech Utilization, and Resource Optimization

Quickly respond to customers and dispatch your technicians, while carefully routing work to reduce travel time and maximize service calls. All customer information — including a complete history — is just a click away, so you spend less time on the phone. The dispatcher and technicians have bi-directional communication, reducing back-and-forth phone calls

Profitable Service Contracts with Flexible Billing Functionality

Techs can easily see entitlements associated with work orders and set the right pricing per labour rates, making contracts profitable. You can enable annual, monthly, quarterly, or even develop custom triggers for billing cycles. These can auto- generate periodic invoices to your customers on recurring contracts. Our contract functionality allows for renewals, ongoing payments, and management of subscriptions per customer and location. Based on your service entitlements, you can set up service level agreements to have technicians onsite in response to a service call and define deliverable details like call triage and mean time to arrival and fix.

Security Systems Field Service Software by Fieldpoint

No More Paper with Mobile Checklisting

Fieldpoint has a mobile checklisting functionality that preloads data from a contract.These checklists can be custom configured so that all steps must be completed before the tech can close off a work order. Put in mandatory requirements like documents, images, and signatures that must be appended. You can also create custom workflows. These are completely mobile — no more paper, misplaced forms, or undocumented steps.

Inventory and Parts Management with ERP and Accounting Integration

The technician and back office have clear visibility into inventory and can see the right part with the right serial number at the right location, assured that this is real, actionable information. Knowing what products are available in a technician’s truck, stock, and what needs to be ordered can lead to a high first time fix rate. Users are more efficient and save time by reducing data entry into multiple systems.

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