Field Service Management Software for Oil and Gas Enterprises

Field Service Software for Oil & Gas

Oil and gas companies today face a wide range of complexities and difficulties and at Fieldpoint, we have extensive knowledge and a deep understanding of the industry. Our flexible, project- and asset-oriented solutions are digitally driven so that your organization can easily manage its entire contract, project, asset, and service lifecycles. Operational efficiency and success require leveraging mobile resources, equipment, and teams for field service, asset, and plant management. 

oil and gas industry fsm software

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Key Features and Benefits


Preventative Maintenance Schedule

Maximize the life line of an asset and utilization

Control Cost Management

Set thresholds to manage labor, expense, time, and budgets

Work Order Management

Track every case, both regardless if it is people personnel or equipment

Capacity Planning

Manage forecast demand and prepare for future skills required

Project Management for Oil and Gas

Complete Project Management With Job Costing Capabilities

For most oil & gas companies, projects are the cornerstone of their business. Fieldpoint’s field service management software helps manage projects of various sizes and complexity. The projects module is a solution, where the project itself is the engine, ensuring high-level visibility and transparency throughout your enterprise. Project-based factors control and determine schedules for engineering, procurement and more. An efficient flow of information among the different disciplines is ensured.

Preventative Maintenance Contracts

Flawless Maintenance Contracts To Keep Equipment Up And Running

Utilize Fieldpoint’s contract module to build preventative maintenance contracts that cover a wide range of service for the Oil and Gas industry. With contract management software, automate the work order creation process with a preventative maintenance schedule. Cover your customers most important assets with maintenance schedules that automatically generate work orders with checklists, parts and help documents to ensure a service call is never missed. Keep equipment uptimes and first-time fix rates high with an all-in-one contract management system.

Mobile Workforce Management

Power Your Technicians In The Field With A Mobile Field Service App

Execute fast and efficient service with Fieldpoint’s mobile field service app, giving your technicians complete access to service history and work order information from their mobile device. Push work orders to the field and have your entire workforce work remote for a seamless operation. Regardless if there is an Internet connection or not, access work order information and checklists online or offline, great for remote locations with no Internet access. Define your field service management with a mobile solution that opens communication between the head office and the workforce in the field.

Inspection and Testing Checklists

Use Mobile Field Service App For Checklists

For all inspections, compliance surveys and testing for oil and gas, use Fieldpoint’s advanced checklists. Customize checklists for each inspection, report or survey, and build required fields to ensure no part of the inspection is missed. Have technicians insert calibrations, temperatures, pressure and additional information, as well as add photos and scan barcodes, with mobile checklists. Our unique checklist designer will let you customize the checklists to your, and industry specifications and store them in the field service software for a complete service history. More on checklists

Advanced Scheduling and Dispatch with Resource Routing

Get The Right Technicians To The Right Job With An Optimized Schedule

With a mobilized workforce, get them to the right job site with resource routing tools and optimized their routes to limit travel times. With advanced scheduling and dispatch features, narrow your workforce to technicians with the right skillset, certifications, training and experience, which will improve your first-time fix rates and response times. See each technician’s full schedule to offer customers options for service times, while also having the ability to move work orders to better optimize their schedule to add additional service calls. Get GPS locations of your technicians and appointments, giving your dispatchers as much real-time information as you can from the field.

See Our Field Service Management Software in Action

Business Analytics and Reporting Software

Make Smarter Business Decisions With Customizable Dashboards And Reports

Big data from the field is important to your operation, so turn it into useful reports and dashboards with Fieldpoint’s Business Intelligence module. Build custom reports that speak to your service deliver. Highlight Key Performance Indicators for technician response times, revenue and margins, and track service deliverables to keep your service operation moving forward. With Fieldpoint’s custom dashboards, build dashboards with analytics that matter to the user seeing them. Each user can have their own dashboard with information that is important to their role. Make better business decisions with real-time information coming straight from the field and have it turned into useful analytics that makes a difference today.

oil and gas industry fsm software

Integrated Field Service Management Software

An End To End Experience With Accounting CRM And ERP Systems

Make your Fieldpoint field service management software a complete end-to-end experience with built-in integrations for accounting, CRM and ERP systems. With integrations to NetSuite, Microsoft GP, and QuickBooks, turn work orders into invoices quickly and with no margin of error. CRM and ERP system bring customer and employee information, parts and descriptions over to Fieldpoint to populate your system, reducing data entry time and removing any possibility of errors. Fieldpoint’s integrations are powered by an open API and the Fieldpoint Data Transfer Service, so any software that is important to your operations success can be integrated with Fieldpoint.
Other integrations include:

  • Tax systems
  • Sales systems
  • Workforce management systems for subcontractor and third-party vendor support
oil and gas industry fsm software

Subcontractor and Third-Party Vendor Management

Expand Your Workforce And Your Service Opportunities With Subcontractors

Expand your workforce with subcontractors and offer more service opportunities and expand your geographic coverage area. Use subcontractor management tools with your field service software and manage your quotes and bids, on-board vendors, push work orders to the field and produce payment vouchers, all from within one portal. Utilize the mobile field service app and push work orders and inspection checklists to the field for fast responses and keep your standards high.

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