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Field Service Management Software for Oil and Gas Enterprises

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Field Service Software for Oil & Gas

Oil and gas companies today face a wide range of complexities and difficulties and at Fieldpoint, we have extensive knowledge and a deep understanding of the industry. Our flexible, project- and asset-oriented solutions are digitally driven so that your organization can easily manage its entire contract, project, asset and service lifecycles. Operational efficiency and success require leveraging mobile resources, equipment, and teams for field service, asset, and plant management. Visibility, asset management, and maintenance costs reduction are critical. Fieldpoint’s field service management software presents you with a solution that gives you visibility into your resources. This includes maintenance schedules, business procedures, inspections management, and more.

Field Service Management Software for Oil & Gas Industry - Fieldpoint

Fieldpoint’s Platform Addresses:

  • Preventative Maintenance Schedule – Maximize the life line of an asset and utilization
  • Control Cost Management – Set thresholds to manage labor, expense, time, and budgets
  • Work Order Management – Track every case, both regardless if it is people personnel or equipment
  • Capacity Planning – Manage forecast demand and prepare for future skills required

Project Management for Oil and Gas

For most oil & gas companies, projects are the cornerstone of their business. Fieldpoint’s field service management software helps manage projects of various sizes and complexity. The projects module is a solution, where the project itself is the engine, ensuring high-level visibility and transparency throughout your enterprise. Project-based factors control and determine schedules for engineering, procurement and more. An efficient flow of information among the different disciplines is ensured.

Fieldpoint has 16 years of leadership in this industry. Our field service management application is built to meet the challenges of managing upstream support services for the oil and gas business. Fieldpoint’s platform puts tight controls in place to ensure that each service is properly coordinated, from the initial drill, to well intervention, flow evaluation, testing, and enhancement services.

  1. Fieldpoint is the go-to field service management software vendor for companies providing contract services to the Exploration and Production (E&P) market.
  2. 550 clients.
  3. 30,000 users. Industry-leading customer satisfaction.

Customers in the well servicing business are using Fieldpoint to manage their projects, schedules, work crews, costs, and billing processes.

To find out more about our field service management software applications,  contact us.

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