Oil and Gas Field Service Software

Inspect and Maintain the Oil and Gas Equipment That Keeps Us Moving Forward

In the highly regulated oil and gas industry, maintenance, inspections, and compliance are critical. Maintain the most vital records of oil and gas systems, automate maintenance schedules, and be up to date on all your inspections with an oil and gas field service software that will have your maintenance teams working at peak efficiency.


Performing Oil and Gas Maintenance? We can help!


Site Inspections

Leak recognition and repair

Government compliance

Asset Management

Preventative Maintenance

Oil and Gas Inspection Software

Keep Equipment Running, Leak Free and Compliant

Oil and Gas inspections operate according to standard government regulations that strive to keep oil well sites and facilities safe, and equipment running efficiently. Whether you are performing visual inspections, using ultrasonic techniques or radiography, you need to keep up to date with inspections. Automate work order creation for each inspection for every piece of equipment and for any type of inspection to ensure you never miss inspection and can capture all the necessary information for reporting.

Oil and Gas Maintenance Software
Service dispatch software

Oilfield Dispatch Software

Get the Right Technicians, to the Right Site

Oil and Gas maintenance can take you to hundreds of different sites, inspecting thousands of pieces of equipment. Manage all the movements of your technicians with oilfield dispatch software to ensure each inspection is completed on schedule, routing your team members to the right oilwell sites and facilities to ensure maintenance and inspections in completed on time.

“What Fieldpoint helped us do was to quickly track all that data. Now I can understand, with the click of a button, how many inspections my technicians are doing a day, what they are capable of, and exactly what they’re reporting as soon as they hook up to the cloud.”
Matt Calhoun

Environment Health and Safety Specialist, HighPoint Resources

Integration to SiteView

What is Asset Management in Oil and Gas?

Oil and gas sites have thousands of assets to manage in one system. Each site can have hundreds of pieces of equipment to manage, that have their own inspection schedule and need to be reported on for compliance. Fieldpoint’s integration to SiteView brings over all the assets from each site from SiteView, and enables you to build preventative maintenance schedules for maintenance and compliance inspections. Keep track of each asset’s maintenance schedule, leak history, and repair history.


Mobilize Your Workforce with MobilePro

Use Checklists for Inspection Reporting

When performing inspections, give your technicians the MobilePro field service mobile app to complete inspection checklists. The app can be installed on oil and gas site safe mobile devices, and ensure clean and accurate inspection reports are generated. Keep a history of each asset’s inspections in your field service software for complete service history and for quick retrieval.

“The Fieldpoint solution, complemented by the field service mobile app, has given us an improved ability to process field activities in real time and has made us more efficient. It also has allowed a reduction in billing errors. Through these two areas, we have reduced accounting time spent on invoice error correction, and have reduced the time between activity completion and invoicing.”

Marty Resweber

IT Director, Aegis Chemical Solutions'

Other Key Features That Benefit Oil and Gas Services

Enhance reporting with customized reports through the Business Intelligence module to get accurate inspection reports.

Manage each site with contract management software that lets you automate repair and inspection work orders.

Find the nearest technician to a site in a hurry with resource routing tools that gives you accurate locations of your team members

Expand your workforce with subcontractors to gain access to more skills and people to complete maintenance and inspections.