Field Service Dispatch Software

The Right Technician with the Right Parts to the Right Place at the Right Time

Quickly route calls and dispatch your technicians with Fieldpoint’s field service dispatch and service scheduling software. Get the right technician, based on skillset and location, to the right job site. Automate your scheduling process, gain valuable insight into your technicians’ schedules and movements and get them quickly to your customer with a drag and drop, field service scheduling software. Better utilize your resources and become a more efficient field service team with interaction optimization tools.

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Key Features and Benefits


Work Order Scheduling & Management

Visibility into customer work history, parts/inventory tracking and work order documentation with mobile synchronization

Drag and drop scheduler to minimize drive and idle time in schedules. Provide more accurate arrival estimates to customers.


smart service scheduling

Automate your field service scheduling and dispatch activities in real-time to reduce costs, attend to high call volume, and eliminate your margin of error.

Graphical Gantt-style scheduler to view, organize, and manage both installation and service projects — now your technicians can start to work faster, and your projects will be executed seamlessly

How Does Dispatch Software Work?

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Intelligent Scheduling and Dynamic Dispatch Software

Getting the right technician to the right job can be complex. Different skills, certifications and training could be required, workforces can span large territories, and each technician has their own unique schedule. Narrow down your technician pool with a skillset search, find the nearest technician to a service call and quickly add the appointment to their schedule for fast dispatching of technicians. Help dispatchers make important scheduling decisions with Fieldpoint’s scheduling software.

  • Drag and drop onto resource calendars
  • Filter out the right resource skills, certifications, and by territory
  • Interactive dispatch console and get real-time work order updates
  • Expanded view of technician’s schedule to see appointments over days, weeks and months.

Communication with Technicians in the Field Via the Mobile App

With the Fieldpoint mobile app, communicating changes to a technician’s schedule is done effortlessly. Changes made by dispatchers in the field service management software are synchronized with the technician’s mobile device. Adjust a technician’s schedule in the case of emergency calls to meet response times and prioritized customers and effectively reassign appointments to other technicians to minimize disruptions.

  • Send your technicians alerts that they can accept in the field
  • Make adjustments to work orders on the calendar — customers and technicians get electronic escalations and notifications
  • Track changes, availability, subcontractor schedules, and make part requests

Route Planning and Optimization

Schedule optimization is the cornerstone of improving dispatch efficiency by reducing travel times and increasing the opportunity to add additional service calls. Provide the most efficient routes to your technicians, reduce gas, mileage and vehicle maintenance costs, and provide the most effective schedule that takes geographical location into account.

  • Calculate optimal routes and instantly create schedules based on customer preferences, technicians and crew capacity, recurring jobs, and new work orders
  • No more guesswork — you can now work with the most efficient routes to complete the maximum number of calls made with the shortest driving distance

Benefits of Smart Scheduling Software

Empower your dispatchers with a responsive dispatching software that helps them make critical dispatch decisions. Proper dispatching can save the business money, make technicians more productive, boost revenues and profit margins, and keep customers satisfied with prompt service.

  • Boost productivity
  • Save time – schedule in seconds
  • Increase profit margins
  • Manage multiple locations
  • Predict any possible problems

Smart Interactive Dispatch/Scheduling Console

  • Dispatch calls to your field technicians based on the rules like availability, severity codes, skills, and territory
  • Extensive and configurable filtering of work order dates, response, and repair time requirements so you can create schedules for multiple work orders at the same time
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Project and Job Scheduling for Complex Services or Installations


For long-term projects and installations use the Fieldpoint dispatch scheduling software to assign resources to their specific project tasks and work orders. Meet the demand of your projects by utilizing the same workforce you would for preventative maintenance and break/fix repairs. Plan resources and reallocate additional technicians to project work as needed and keep projects coming in on-time.

  • For longer duration jobs or projects with multiple tasks, Fieldpoint dispatch scheduling software provides additional resource planning consoles where you can view demand hours over days, weeks, and months
  • Use a graphical Gantt-style scheduler to view, organize, and manage both installation and service projects
  • Allocate equipment and resources to the job site for projects using the scheduling tool and ensure the people and tools you need to complete installations and upgrades is available.
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