Fieldpoint Integration with CMiC

Enterprise Construction Accounting Software

Fieldpoint’s integration to CMiC provides a seamless transition of data between your field service management software and construction accounting software. Share data between systems to create an end-to-end experience, including customer information, time and labor and items and materials.

Construction ERP Software

Import and Share Critical Data and Information

The integration between Fieldpoint and CMiC creates one source of data between the two systems. Import your customers, addresses and vendors from CMiC into your Fieldpoint system to initiate your software. Then seamlessly transfer customer updates or new customers from Fieldpoint into your construction ERP software for accuracy in your most critical information and data.

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CMiC construction accounting software

Construction Accounting Software

Seamless Billing of all Your Service Work

Complete work orders, contracts and projects and seamlessly pass invoice information from your field service management software to your construction accounting software for accurate billing. Have your technicians close appointments, and turn those work orders into invoices through CMiC, getting accurate invoices into your customers hands quickly.

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Time and Labor Tracking for Payroll

Keep track of all your hours of work within your Fieldpoint field service software through the appointments or timesheets function for all labor work and use those hours for payroll purposes in your CMiC software. Get accurate hours for labor and automate your payroll accounting through the seamless integration of information.

CMiC construction erp software