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Cloud Service Software or Enterprise On Premise– It’s Your Choice

Field Service Deployment & Service Management

No matter how you deploy the Fieldpoint service management software you still get the same web-based field service and project management software. Couple these applications with our “out of the box” integration to Microsoft Dynamics GP for spare parts inventory, purchasing, payroll, and financials and you have a complete enterprise system


Cloud or On Premise
Your choice

Responsive Design
Software support desktops, tablets and phones

Modern & Powerful
Powerful customizable workflow and escalation features

Native mobile apps for iOS, and Android

Fieldpoint online demand cloud service

Looking for a service application you can just log in and use? Then choose Fieldpoint’s online field service management software. This is a secured cloud based solution that does not require you adding IT people time, additional databases, web servers Microsoft services, backups, network maintenance, and storage. The focus then becomes getting service applications for field service, mobility, project management, time and billing up and running as quick as possible. You dive directly in configuring the system with workflows, screen designs, mobility, portals, and reporting that drive your revenue and productivity.

Fieldpoint on premise self-hosting for your enterprise

Your organization is a large service organization that already has a large investment IT infrastructure with all your resources working efficiently and you have capacity through economies of scale. You already maintain and regularly upgrade your hardware servers, network, communications, and a host of enterprise and departmental business software applications. Fieldpoint self-hosting allows you to install its web-based service management software on your own network and echo system while still accessing support and upgrades.

Responsive Design gives you device Independence

You are on the road or not at your desk, but need immediate access to service information to solve a customer issue that isn’t normally available on your local phone application. Now with Fieldpoint’s redesigned service management system, web pages automatically change to an optimal viewing experience across a wide range of devices. Technically it’s called responsive design, a way of designing web pages so they respond to the device that is displaying them. To our customer’s its complete service information access in a clear readable form no matter where you are.

Cloud or On Premise Configuration Tools

Fieldpoint has 550+ client and over 13000 users. Our powerful and stable platform is built on the .NET framework and supports various versions of SQL Server, Microsoft Dynamics GP and Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Our development and consulting teams have spent 13+ years creating and adding turn-key Field Service and Project Management functionality to make deployment times easier and faster.

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