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Field Service Management Software That Empowers Your Subcontractors

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Key Features and Benefits


Subcontractor Quotation Management

Source Multiple Suppliers


Auto Assign & Dispatch To Subcontractors

Advanced Assignment And Scheduling


Subcontractor Portal & Mobile Apps

Close Work Orders Fast And Efficiently


Integrated Payment Processing

Integrated To Your Accounts Payable System

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Turn to Subcontractors to Expand Your Business

Outsource Work And Grow Your Business With Subcontractor Management Tools

With a talent shortage happening across the field service industry, field service businesses are turning to subcontractors and third-party vendors to fulfill the need for service. With field service management software, it’s now a viable option for service organizations to utilize additional skilled technicians for all types of maintenance and project jobs. With subcontractor management tools, the bidding, on-boarding, hiring, and paying of subcontractors is now streamlined in one system.

  • Expand your service team with subcontractors and third-party vendors
  • Move into different markets and open growth opportunities with expanded workforce
  • Grow bottom line revenue without adding full-time expenses in hiring an in-house technician, especially in industries with off-peak seasons

Advanced Checklisting For Technicians And Subcontractors

Fieldpoint supports a single version of the mobile app for all lines of business.

This way subcontractors and technicians will follow the same process regardless of the work being performed. Each task can have a different checklist that will guide the subcontractor through the steps they need to perform. Subcontractors can use the mobile app or vendor portals to change the status of work orders, complete them and record parts used. With the Fieldpoint Mobile Field Service App, vendors will be able to see if any new work orders have been assigned and they will be able to accept them on the spot.

  • Same native mobile app as your field service technicians
  • Ensure delivery of quality service
  • Visibility into customer data and service/job history
  • Real-time updates on work order progress and customer quotes
  • Close out work orders on site, enter parts used/needed, and labor time on-site
  • Collect signatures immediately, on-site
  • Take & upload photos while on the job site
  • Append documentation for the customer, job, etc.

Subcontractor Management Software

Manage Your Subcontractor Activities

When outsourcing work to subcontractors, having visibility into their activities is critical. You can’t give them work and lose sight of where they are, as they might miss key deadlines, cause delays and harm your reputation with your customers. With Fieldpoint’s subcontractor management software, gain the same insight into the movements of your subcontractors and third-party vendors as you would with in-house technicians. See their schedule, availability and work status as they complete tasks, and ensure their on-time and executing the level of service you need them to perform with the Fieldpoint Mobile App.

  • Access the subcontractor’s availability, location
  • Ensure you are scheduling the right subcontractor for the job
  • Manage and monitor subcontractor activities
  • Receive alerts on delays

Open Your Work to the Market

Use Workforce Market Portals To Accept Bids And Quotes For New Jobs

Fieldpoint’s field service management software comes out-of-the-box integrated with third-party workforce management portals, such as WorkMarket and Service Channel. Without leaving your field service software, get work orders and jobs sent out to these portals to accept bids and quotes from subcontractors and third-party vendors. Accept bids, turn them into quotes and meet your growing demand by utilizing workforce portals to hire your next subcontractor.

  • Stay in Fieldpoint and have jobs and work orders sent directly to workforce portals
  • See all your bids and quotes and accept the subcontractor quote for the job
  • Have subcontractors check in and out, complete tasks and attach expenses using their own portal or mobile app

Service Quotation Management

Advanced Quoting Functionality

Place jobs on third-party work market providers and handle multiple quotes and bids coming in from subcontractors. Then turn the winning bid into a work order quickly to get service moving fast. Field service management software interconnects the quotes and bids from subcontractors to the work order for quick reference of pricing, labor costs and parts.

  • Support multiple quotations from several subcontractors
  • Link quotes to break-fix work orders, or for longer duration jobs
  • Get pricing on parts, labor, flat rate services, and ETA to meet your customer service level requirements

Invoice Verification and Payment Processing

Track All Your Quotes, Work Orders And Payables

As subcontractors complete work, get them paid quickly with subcontractor management software and integrations to financial payable systems. Have payment vouchers created as soon as the work order is closed, getting the subcontractor paid quickly. Build a reputation of being a fast-paying employer for subcontractors to work for with automated payment vouchers. Meet your agreements with subcontractors as laid out in their original bid for the job, and have all expenses, time, travel and part expenses paid quickly.

  • Compare quoted prices, work delivered, and parts consumed
  • Accepted variances automatically update your work order or job costing analysis
  • Take advantage of Fieldpoint’s integration to financial payables system and process the approved payment fast and efficiently

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