How Facility Management Software is a Game Changer

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Last updated Nov 2, 2023 at 7:26PM | Published on Feb 28, 2019 | Blog, Facility Management Software, Field Service, SMB

There are tough jobs around the country that need to be done every single day. Just look around at every office building, every story front, hotel, apartment complex, and mall, someone has work to do. We’re talking things from replacing large HVAC units on rooftops, to replacing the paper towel dispenser in a bathroom. No matter the size, someone is contracted to do the job and do it right.

For service providers who handle the maintenance, construction, and repairs of these facilities, it can be a difficult task to manage all the calls coming in. It’s easy to put the focus on a large installation and forget about the small jobs, but if you have a contract with them, they are just as important to your business. It requires a work order to be made, a technician to be dispatched, routed to the location and the work to be completed and billed. It’s a process for every type of job and one that is being made easier with facility management software.

Field service organizations that handle the maintenance, repairs, and construction of facilities must be able to handle any kind of service request. Facility management software is ensuring that service is completed on-time with the right technicians selected for the job. It can be a game-changer to facility service organizations and offer new opportunities in their industry from the largest of jobs to the smallest.

Work Order Management with Field Service Mobile App

For every type of service call, a work order needs to be created. For a busy facility maintenance business, that can be a lot of processing of work orders in a day. Have to repair a handrail? Produce a work order. Does the air conditioning unit need to be checked? Produce a work order. Does grease traps need to be cleaned? Another work order needs to be produced.

With facility maintenance software, regardless of the repair, work orders can be created quick and pushed to your technicians and crews in the field. If you have added the field service mobile app, these work orders can be pushed to the field to your technicians. They then complete the work and once a customer signature is collected, the work order is sent back to the head office through the mobile app.

  • No paperwork
  • No extra administration time
  • No delays in invoice processing

With the mobile app, your technicians can collect their time and submit it as part of the work order back to the office. You now get a detailed history of work completed with accurate time. Apply advanced checklists to the work order and have your technicians and crews follow a step by step list of instructions to complete the work. This ensures quality remains high and standards are kept across your entire organization. Mobility has changed the way facility maintenance is conducted, reducing the time between calls so your technicians can be on the road to the next one.

Enhanced Scheduling and Dispatching

A busy facility maintenance organization doesn’t know where their next call will be. But with facility management software and resource routing tools, they can always see who is nearby. With resource routing maps, dispatchers can find the closest technician to the job and route them there. It’s a game-changing way of offering prompt service without guessing on time of arrival. When a customer needs something cleaned right away, they don’t have time to wait for your technician to drive across the city or complete additional calls. With resource routing tools inside field service scheduling software, you can ensure prompt service to whichever facility requires it.

Be Ready to Handle Multi-Facility Construction Projects

Earning construction projects can be great for the bottom line, but it can also be a large burden on the workforce. Especially if those installations are across multiple facilities in different territories, cities or regions. With facility management software, however, you’re prepared to win those large projects and ensure the service is the highest quality.

From quoting the job to purchasing materials and estimating costs, job costing tools keep your project on budget throughout the life of the project. Many facility maintenance organizations win contracts to install new devices in stores, such as new cameras, lights and dispensers across an entire chain. It’s the same work being done in each store, and you want the work to be of the same quality regardless of the store. With project management tools, create work orders with checklists for each specific facility in mind. This allows you to view work from a project level but break it down into individual work orders to have the job completed. Track your works progress, come in on-time and never miss a step with facility maintenance software powering your project work.

Automate Your Facility Maintenance Business

Even the smallest of jobs can benefit from automation in field service. Automation has no bias when it comes to the size of the job, but rather, it is there to ensure work is done quickly, effectively, and takes much of the manual processing away. The facility maintenance industry deals with a lot of contracts, and this is specifically one place where automation shines. When you sign a contract with your customers, you are telling them you will handle their service. They trust it will be done right, on-time and won’t be missed. Automation ensures all of those promises are met.

With facility management software, set up contracts and schedules for work orders to be produced automatically. Does an office building need to be cleaned twice a week? Does the busy mall need their garbage handled every day? Put these tasks in your contract’s schedule and let work orders be created automatically for those jobs. Dispatchers will never miss them when it’s time to schedule the call and you know you will keep your work to your customers about service being completed.

It’s also used in billing, as you can quote jobs using the field service mobile app, and automatically have those quotes turned into work orders. Upon closing the call, immediately have those work orders turned into invoices and emailed to the customer through built-in integrations with account software. This level of automation means you can go from a quote to a work order to an invoice quickly, and always be on top of new service whenever the opportunity comes up.

Change the Game with Facility Management Software

Whether you are completing work for a single office or a restaurant chain, you need a facility management software on your side. The challenges of providing janitorial, industrial cleaning, repair, and construction services can be small or large, but they still need to be done quickly and efficiently. With facility maintenance software, get your technicians and crews to the sites, get work orders completed fast and get invoices to your customers even faster. Reduce administration times and increase your ability to take more calls, all with automation, mobility and facility management software to power your business forward.