How Fieldpoint Works for Small and Medium Sized Businesses

Maximize The Productivity Of Your Workforce

Growing small to medium businesses need automated processes and tools to efficiently manage field staff and technicians, increase productivity and visibility. Fieldpoint offers functionality for small/medium sized business with a packaged integration for QuickBooks. Fieldpoint’s field service management software is a full featured software that has functionality packed for small/medium and enterprise field service businesses. Dispatch your technicians fast, get a full view into their movement, manage your contracts and projects, and give your technicians a mobile field service app to excel in the field. Our field service management software will give you the tools you need to become more productive in the HVAC and industrial equipment space. We offer an SMB facing application with a focus on technician enablement (extensible mobile), work order debrief, contracts and support.

field service software for Small and Medium Sized Businesses
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Key Features and Benefits for Small & Medium Businesses


Work Order Management System

Go from a quote to a work order and manage all your jobs with Fieldpoint’s work order management system


Mobilize Your Workforce

Mobile field service app to push work orders to the field, complete checklists and search service history


Field Service Scheduling And Dispatch

Schedule, dispatch and route your technicians with complete visibility with resource routing and dispatch tools


Manage Contracts And Projects

Manage preventative maintenance contracts and installation projects with Fieldpoint’s all-in-one software

scheduling and dispatch fsm software

Dispatching Software

A Unified Platform To Schedule, Dispatch And Route Technicians To Their Jobs

Regardless of the size of the workforce, field service businesses need to get the right technicians, with the right skills, to the right job. With Fieldpoint’s field service management software, get a full view of your technicians’ schedule with our Resource Calendar and dispatch technicians using the Resource Routing tool for an optimized scheduling process.

  • Use a skill search to narrow down your available technicians
  • See a technician’s daily, weekly and month schedule with the Resource Calendar, giving you the ability to optimize their schedule to fit in more service calls
  • Resource routing tool gives you a real-time look into your technicians’ movements, allowing you to optimize their routes to limit travel time

Mobile App

Mobile functionality to give your service technicians an advantage in the field

Give your technicians the ability to access work orders from the field and remove manual processes using the field service mobile app. Track time and expenses, capture photos and customer signatures and have work orders sent directly back to the office upon completion from a mobile device

  • Give technicians the ability to search service history from their mobile device to help complete repairs
  • Complete advanced checklists for preventative maintenance and compliance inspections
  • Capture time in the field, reduce your technicians’ administrative work and give them a device to help route them to their next call

Automate Your Contract Management

Never miss a service call with automatic work order creation

Handle all your preventative maintenance and recurring service delivery with Fieldpoint’s contract module and ensure you keep all your service commitments with your customers.

  • Build preventative maintenance schedules that detail the interval of service to your customer
  • Have work orders created automatically when service is due, ensuring you never miss a call
  • Attach checklists at the contract level and checklists will automatically be added to the work order

Integration with QuickBooks

  • Speed up billing times with a built-in integration with QuickBooks
  • Connect your accounting system to your field service management software for an all-in-one service experience.
  • Bring your customer list from QuickBooks over to Fieldpoint, removing errors when inputting new customers
  • Connect your field service software to your accounting software for fast invoice processes from work orders, contracts and projects
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See Our Field Service Management Software Features in Action

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See Our Field Service Management Software Features in Action