What is Dispatch Software And Who Should Use It?

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Last updated Nov 2, 2023 at 7:23PM | Published on Dec 16, 2019 | Blog, Dispatching, Field Service, SMB

Every field service business has to dispatch. That’s the name of the game. A technician or subcontractor has to be sent to a job site to complete a repair for a customer. It’s just that easy – until it’s not. According to SalesForce, 52% of field service businesses are still using manual methods for most of their tasks. That includes scheduling and dispatching technicians. Dispatching is such a high priority area to get right in field service, that dispatch software is widely seen as the best way to manage your business.

So, what is dispatch software and what type of people should be using it? Deciding on the right field service software is very important and it needs to have strong scheduling and dispatch tools. Let’s take a look at dispatch software and see who should be using it.

What is Dispatch Software?

For field service management, dispatch software is a digital tool that gives dispatchers a better handle on managing technicians in the field. That includes selecting them for jobs, routing them to job sites, reassigning them, and tracking their movements. From a manual standpoint, dispatchers without some form of field service software are using whiteboards, email systems, and online calendars to schedule technicians. The problem is, that it can be a very labor-intensive process to get not just a technician scheduled, but reassigned. An emergency call could come in and require a massive shift in scheduling. And that could grind a service department to a stop if the dispatcher has a bunch of manual processes to complete first.

With dispatch software, dispatchers are getting a full look at their entire workforce from their computers. That’s every technician, every scheduled work order, even free moment available, all from one location. That kind of visibility gives dispatchers so much more information to work with when having to make decisions. They can narrow down technicians with skillset searches or find the nearest technician using a routing tool. It’s quite literally, a dispatcher’s dream software to be able to do their job in the most efficient way. And if they are completing their job efficiently, then the entire workforce can follow.

What makes Dispatch Software a necessity?

One of the main reasons to utilize dispatch software is for ease of use. Say goodbye to cluttered desk spaces full of work orders waiting for someone to complete. No more multiple windows open with calendars and massive numbers of emails to send. It’s all done easily from one field service software and dispatched to your technicians in the field.

Narrow down your workforce to the most capable technicians you have. See their calendar for weeks on end and drag and drop a work order into an open space. Dispatching never sounded easier. But it can be that easy for your day to day dispatching duties. To take it a step further, dispatch software also gives your dispatchers the ability to optimize schedules. Rather than having technicians sitting idle, dispatchers can move work orders to make room for new work orders. Fifteen minutes here and there can add up over a day to another service call. Or maybe the route a technician is taking makes them drive across the same path multiple times. Optimize it so they are gaining time back that they would otherwise spend driving. This alone makes it a must-own for any field service management businesses, as it’s putting time back into the technician’s schedule. And extra time means extra profits in more service calls they are taking.

Who should be using Dispatch Software?

Obviously, dispatchers should be using it, but let’s break this down into the different sizes of businesses. For small to medium business owners, dispatch software could be a new beginning for their business. It would allow them to better utilize their small workforce to take on more service calls. For some, it may even take the dispatching out of the hands of the technicians. That practice still continues in field service management and can drastically affect the number of service calls you can take in a day. For small to medium business owners, field service software may seem like a lot to take on. However, the dispatching tools will pay for themselves in more insight into your technicians. Allowing you to make better business decisions, even when you don’t have the large workforce numbers.

For enterprise-level field service management businesses, having a lot of technicians can be a challenge. Where are they, where are they headed, and who is available are just some of the questions asked daily. Whiteboards, emails, and calendars can be very underwhelming for a large-size business that has a lot of technicians to manage. So, give that same insight to this size of business and they can see everyone and everything in one system. Gain the advantage with dispatch software by using skillset searches, route tracking and optimizing, and the easy drag and drop system.

Benefits of Dispatch Software

We’ve been through many of the benefits already of using dispatch software. To re-cap:

  • More visibility into your workforce
  • Easy to handle drag and drop controls
  • Narrow down workforce with skillset search
  • Ability to optimize routes and schedules
  • Complete more work orders and service on-time
  • Save time!

Every field service management business can benefit from what dispatch software can provide. Field service software has many tools that can give a business a leg up and dispatching solutions is at the top of the list. It’s so important to get right, that you need to trust in a solution that will show you results. Dispatchers can’t continue to do things the old way. It’s time to look at a software solution and give them the tools they need to optimize your business.

A great dispatcher can change your entire business. Great dispatch software can help create amazing dispatchers. Give your dispatchers the control they need and watch your business grow through more insight, more control, and more optimization.

What to Look For When Choosing Dispatch Software

Now that you know the answer to the “what is dispatch software?” question, it may be time to decide whether to invest in a dispatch software system for your organization. Considering all the benefits it can provide, it makes sense that you’d want to explore all the options available to you.

However, this can make it difficult to narrow down the contenders and find the best dispatch software system for your needs. To avoid feeling overwhelmed when making this decision, you should consider specific criteria to evaluate the possibilities. Here are just a few things you’ll want to look for when picking dispatch software for your business.

Easy Installation and Integration

No one wants to spend valuable time and resources figuring out how to utilize a software solution. Your choice in dispatch software should be simple to install and provide an intuitive user experience. You’ll want this software to scale right along with your business with minimal delays and frustrations. Ideally, the software should be ready to use right out of the box. This can alleviate stress for your team and ensure you’re able to hit the ground running.

It’s also pivotal that your choice in software for dispatch management is easily integrated into your other crucial systems. Rather than switch back and forth between programs, you’ll want a software solution that can offer an Application Programming Interface (API) that can allow you to continue using those other programs in a synchronous way. If your dispatch management software choice requires you to abandon all of the other digital tools you use on a daily basis, that’s going to present huge barriers (and costs) for your business. Make sure that the software for dispatch management you select can provide you with the capability to integrate all of your top solutions for ease of use and cost savings.

Mobile and Cloud Access

Technology evolves quickly — and customers expect digital solutions that keep up with the times. Even if you already utilize software for dispatch management, it may not provide the ability for your team to access the information they need from any device or any location. 

Choosing a cloud-based software solution can ensure access won’t be restricted and that information can be relayed from anywhere in the world. Ensuring that your software can be used via a variety of devices can also make certain that technicians and dispatchers can send or receive the information they need, even when they’re on-the-go. 

After you’ve received the answer to your “what is dispatch software?” question, you’ll want to take the time to decide which option will provide the must-have features your organization needs. Those features may vary from business to business, but you’ll want to keep these considerations in mind when making your decision.

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