5 Questions Dispatchers Can Ask Using Dispatch Software

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Last updated Nov 2, 2023 at 7:24PM | Published on Aug 8, 2019 | Blog, Field Service, Mobile App & Checklist, Technology Trends

Dispatching can be a stressful process. And in field service, it’s one of the most critical steps of the business. Work order management by dispatchers is key to get the right technician, with the right parts, to the right customer. And many are turning to a dispatch software to help navigate this difficult process.

Dispatchers have to be concerned with the schedules of every technician. They have to worry about emergency calls coming in. The installation projects underway, and meeting all their preventative maintenance contract deliverables. And they have to get those technicians the information they need to complete repairs on time, while also providing a great customer experience.

With dispatch software helping to clear up the routing and scheduling issues of field service, there are questions dispatchers can ask. These questions will improve first-time fix rates and have technicians show up ready for a successful visit. Here are some questions dispatchers can ask and how Fieldpoint’s dispatch software can help.

Who is the site contact?

Your dispatchers can’t always assume who the contact on-site is going to be. Proper work order management always has an on-site contact to reach in case of an emergency. Using dispatch software, add a list of contacts for your customers. And when on the phone, have you call center agents select the right contact. Automatically, information for that contact appears, without having to hunt for details.

How Fieldpoint Helps:

As soon as you select your customer, all contacts are filtered to just those for that customer. Your contacts come from your CRM integration, and if they change in one system, they are updated in the other. So, information is always up-to-date with the latest contact for each business. For contracts and projects, have contacts added automatically to any work orders created.

How will the technician access the site?

You can’t work on fixing a problem if you can’t get onto the site to fix the problem. Accessing the site happens more than people want to admit. That’s because technicians weren’t given the proper information to get on the site. That includes passcodes, door locations, swipe cards, and security clearance. You can have the best work order management system, but without access to a site, it’s going to lead to missed calls and unhappy customers.

How Fieldpoint Helps:

With Fieldpoint’s dispatch software, add all access notes straight to the work order for the technician to review. Using their field service mobile app, technicians can see what they will need to access a site before hitting the road. Notes can range from telling them to pick up a key card, to phoning ahead so someone can be waiting at the door for them to let them in. The important thing is that these notes are left so technicians see them before showing up and being turned away, either by a security guard or by a locked door.

Has the equipment had issues in the past?

This is a question that could actually be avoided if using dispatch software. Asset history is something dispatchers can look up on their own using the work order management system. But it’s important to get a detailed service history from your customers in order to properly fill out the work order and pinpoint the problem. Then search through the service history to find an older work order that may have a solution already attached.

How Fieldpoint Helps:

With service history being so important, Fieldpoint’s work order management system comes fully prepared to give access to technicians from the field. Using the field service mobile app, technicians can access service from their mobile device. The work order management software will store every work order entered for a technician to search through. When dealing with recurring customers, it’s a great way to improve your speed of service and come ready with a solution.

What is the current problem?

This might be the most obvious question anyone could ask, but it’s highly important. The current problem may be a repeated problem, and with dispatch software, you will be able to notice a trend happening with your customer’s equipment. Remote solutions could be offered for problems that reoccur or are user-error related. But without a detailed service history in your work order management system, every call will have to be treated like a brand new one.

How Fieldpoint Helps:

Fieldpoint’s dispatch software allows for equipment searching, where you can search for a specific piece of equipment and locate any work orders logged against it. Dispatchers can pull up work orders, find solution notes and make recommendations to customers before sending a technician out. With history attached to each piece of equipment, it’s easy to find both for dispatchers and technicians in the field.

What parts are going to be needed?

To have a high first-time fix rate, technicians need the right parts in their truck. Finding out on-site they didn’t come prepared will send customer confidence down the drain. With dispatch software, dispatchers can attach the needed parts to any work order. It’s important, however, that your work order management system is integrated with an ERP software so you can properly track inventory and parts. You don’t want to come up to the day the work order is scheduled for and find out you don’t have parts in stock.

How Fieldpoint Helps:

Fieldpoint’s integration with ERP, CRM and accounting software like NetSuite, QuickBooks and Microsoft GP makes it easy to requisition parts for a work order. Quickly, you can look up stock numbers, fulfill parts requests, and if needed, purchase additional parts. Ensure your technicians always have the parts they need to complete jobs and allow dispatchers to purchase parts from their own dispatch software. Get a real-time look into inventory levels to know when you need to restock. And with Business Intelligence, track the usage of your parts so you know when more need to be ordered, eliminating stagnant stock and revenue leakage

Dispatch Software Helps to Answer Questions

Improve your first-time fix rates, quickly assign technicians and improve your service with Fieldpoint’s dispatch software. Your dispatchers will have more access to information that will make the scheduling process easier. Work order management solutions make dispatchers more efficient in their ability to get the right technicians, with the right skills, to the right job.

If you would like to see our field service management software in action, let us know. We’d be happy to schedule a live demonstration and answer any questions you might have.