Recent Boom of Integrations At Fieldpoint

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Fieldpoint has seen a boom recently in new integrations. Integrating your field service software with other systems is extremely critical to achieving a streamlined, end-to-end experience. So Fieldpoint continues to develop new and exciting integrations that assist our customers in their daily field service needs.

These new integrations join Fieldpoint’s already robust out-of-the-box collection of integrations, including CRM, ERP and accounting systems such as QuickBooks Online, NetSuite and Microsoft Dynamics GP, as well as sales software such as SalesForce. These systems are critical to the success of field service management, as information that populates your field service software will come directly from your CRM, ERP or accounting systems. That includes:

  • Customer and vendor information
  • Parts and inventory descriptions
  • Resources, technicians and subcontractor information

And to expand your workforce, use our labor market integrations with WorkMarket to push work orders to potential subcontractors. With this integration, you get to stay inside the Fieldpoint field service software, while subcontractors can submit bids and quotes for the work and live in their portal. Work is still completed, invoices and vouchers generated, and you get to expand your workforce.

Let’s look at some of the new integrations developed by Fieldpoint.

Accept credit card payments with PaySimple

Fieldpoint recently introduced its new native mobile field service app, MobilePro. The mobile application can handle new customizations that will allow it to be more flexible for users. One of those new customizations in the integration with PaySimple in order to secure credit card payments for customers.

For those doing in-home, residential service work, or commercial work where they want to accept payments in the field, MobilePro and the PaySimple integration can now facilitate payments done on the job site. Upon completion of a work order, an invoice is generated, and a technician can now select a payment option that will automatically load PaySimple’s AppConnect application to take down credit card payments.

Now you can take payments directly after service is complete. Invoices are generated, a payment option is available, and customers can you use their credit cards for repairs. It’s a simple way to reduce the time for payment to come in for work completed and reduces processing invoices to send to the customer and then wait for the payment to be mailed in.

Scheduling with Outlook 365

For those using Outlook email for scheduling, Fieldpoint’s integration with Outlook 365 now makes it easier to assign technicians appointments for single jobs or recurring jobs. Whether in Fieldpoint’s field service software or in Outlook, you can now create appointments that will show up in the email calendar.

From within Outlook, a Fieldpoint screen will be available, similar to your software, to add appointment details, attach it to a work order, add parts, service codes and assign it to a technician. Input useful data in the email’s message field that will show up in the appointment. And produce a master appointment for all recurring work, such as for preventative maintenance or weekly janitorial cleaning as part of facility maintenance, to ensure no appointment is missed.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and Navision

Fieldpoint has added two new ERP systems to its list of out-of-the-box integrations, as Fieldpoint now is fully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and Navision. The ERP systems all for the seamless transfer of information, such as customer, employee, vendor, and product information. It also handles all sales orders, purchase orders and invoicing for an end-to-end experience.

With this integration, pair your work orders in Fieldpoint with a sales order in Business Central, and have all your parts, time and expenses transfer from one to the other for accurate billing. Reduce time processing invoices with this level of automation. See complete inventory information, such as the quantity and location of parts and inventory and have requisition and purchasing controls to quickly buy the parts and equipment you need to get the job done.

How Fieldpoint adds value to your business

Value can be measured in multiple ways in field service. From improved performance times to better customer relationships and experiences to increased profit and lower costs. No matter which value standard you prioritize most, or if you prioritize them all, Fieldpoint’s field service software has features and tools to add value to your service operation.

Fieldpoint’s automated software is going to save you time by giving your quick access to all your work order history, a list of maintenance contracts, and an in-depth look at all of your ongoing installation projects. Advanced scheduling and routing tools will improve your dispatchers’ performance, giving them the ability to alter schedules and optimize routes to get your technicians to the job site faster.

Our MobilePro field service app with increasing the efficiency of your technicians in the field by giving them access to work orders, service history, parts, checklists and timesheets from one mobile field service app. No more paper processing, as work orders are automatically returned to the field service software for processing, automating as much of the process as possible to reduce the time your people are spending doing manual work.

With robust analytics tools to help you collect and analyze all the data coming into your business, you’ll be able to make better business decisions and monitor first-time fix rates and many more important statistics that will improve the value of your business. Fieldpoint is an all-in-one field service solution, designed to help those delivering essential services to your customers.