New Year’s Resolutions for Your Field Service Management

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Last updated Feb 10, 2020 at 2:08PM | Published on Jan 2, 2018 | Blog, Field Service

It’s that time of year again when we start to come up with ideas of how we want to change our lives heading into the New Year. Eat better, get into the gym, lose weight, and read more are all favorites that end up on the lists of many trying to make a change.

And while those may end up being wishful thinking, developing new resolutions to make your field service organization more efficient is something the entire company can get behind as you look for a great start to the New Year.

With constant pressure faced by field service organizations to offer better customer experiences and a higher quality of service, there is no time like the new year to think about how to make a change in your field service organization. Field Technologies Online conducted a survey and ranked the top 5 strategic initiatives field service organizations are taking to improve their service departments. Here are those strategies and how Fieldpoint can help.

Increase Efficiency (74%)

74% of survey respondents said increasing efficiency is their top priority. This is the crown jewel of initiatives, as all others will fail if you don’t make your organization as efficient as possible. Fieldpoint’s field service software offers plenty of ways to increase your efficiency, but offering scheduling and dispatch tools for better technician and subcontractor scheduling, automated work order generation through contracts, and a mobile field service app feature to better serve your technicians in the field.

Improving Customer Experience (72%)

Coming in second was improving the customer experience, an initiative that is just as important as efficiency. If you don’t have happy, satisfied customers, you don’t have a business to be efficient for. It’s not about cutting costs anymore, as field service organizations understand that addressing their customers’ needs is the key to success. Fieldpoint’s field service management software can help put a smile on your customer’s face by helping you to narrow service window times through dispatch and scheduling, which will do away with the dreaded eight-hour window of service time for which they will have to wait around.

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Increasing Service Revenue (49%)

Ranked third is increasing revenue, which is the obvious goal of any field service organization, but rightfully placed behind increasing efficiency and improving customer experience. Understanding what your customers want and how to better serve them will lead more revenue generating opportunities. It could be as simple as switching from a break/fix service to a preventative maintenance service agreement that is more about keeping equipment working at peak levels as opposed to waiting for them to break. Fieldpoint’s field service software can manage those contracts, generate work orders, and ensure no call is missed so that your customers remain satisfied, your organization runs efficiently and you increase your revenue.

Better Utilization of Data (40%)

Data is a big deal in field service, and being able to make decisions on real-time information from the field is something Fieldpoint’s field service management software will allow you to do, improving all initiatives above with analytical decision making. Using Fieldpoint’s business intelligence module, you can customize how you want the data to be presented to better fit your needs.

Leveraging Technology (33%)

Field service software is opening new doors for field service organizations, as IoT augmented and virtual reality and mobility are offering new ways for technicians and subcontractors to complete their work. It’s an investment in the future and while it may be the fifth-ranked on this list, it could be argued that by adding a field service management software such as Fieldpoint’s, you can accomplish all those initiatives above.

Don’t let a New Year’s Resolution scare you this year, as a field service software can help achieve all of your organization’s goals and change the way you treat your technicians and customers for years to come.