Improving Your Customer Service Experience With FSM

Field Service

Last updated Nov 2, 2023 at 7:26PM | Published on Apr 2, 2019 | Field Service

The customer experience is one of the most valuable components of a business. If your particular industry or field requires technicians to make house calls, it can be much more difficult to monitor and regulate the customer experience. Additionally, ensuring that the visit is a positive one is hard to predict and control. Despite these drawbacks, field service technology has provided a way to bridge the gap between consumer and company.

Imagine that your washing machine has broken. You call up a technician and make an appointment, yet they arrive late and don’t have the necessary tools to repair the problem. As a customer, you’re going to second-guess contacting that business ever again due to the negative interaction.

If that business’s field service management software is up-to-date and fully functional, the experience is almost completely the opposite: alerts are available to inform you that your tech will be a bit later than originally planned, visits to other customers are streamlined to avoid being late in the first place, and the field service software is able to suggest solutions to the potential problem, eliminating the need for repeat visits. As a customer, you’re impressed rather than disappointed with the way your experience was handled.

The guesswork is removed when innovative solutions are applied to field service management software; not only is your business fully equipped to tackle a myriad of issues and problems, but you can be one step ahead of the game. The ability to anticipate future needs based on what you already know of your customers is a profoundly valuable piece of the customer care model. Rather than relying on the facts of the past, you are able to obtain deep customer knowledge and focus on insights, which provide actionable data.

Improving or developing your field service operations is proven to positively impact the customer experience: businesses reported a 90% increase in the number of customers they’d won thanks to field service management software. In addition to boosting your own company’s efficiency (which allows you to service more customers in any given day), customer loyalty skyrockets when you are able to arrive promptly, fix the problem the first time, and keep track of any maintenance visits that may need to occur in the future.

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