How to Achieve Excellence with HVAC Field Service Software


Last updated Nov 2, 2023 at 7:26PM | Published on Apr 1, 2019 | Blog

The postman isn’t the only one who has to be active in freezing cold temperatures and fiercely hot days. HVAC technicians are on call to make sure heating and air conditioning units are working at peak performance when clients need them. So, when the thermometer goes in either direction, the unit has to be working to combat the changes in temperature.

In the HVAC industry, there are off-peaks and busy seasons, preventative maintenance and project work to be completed. Field service management teams that handle the ebbs and flows of the seasons and utilize their technicians effectively will turn massive profits. In today’s world, it’s all about getting the most out of your technicians to keep costs as low as possible. Exceptional service is key, and with HVAC field service software, field service management teams are finding unique ways to achieve success year-round.

Let’s take a look at how HVAC field service software and an optimized workforce are changing the way HVAC organizations achieve these exceptional service levels.

Properly training HVAC technicians

In today’s HVAC landscape, training is key. Keeping your technicians up to date on the latest in HVAC equipment is a challenge. It’s also difficult with a young workforce who still has much to learn about the equipment they are working with. With more experienced technicians set to retire, it’s time to use HVAC field service software to get your younger technicians up to speed.

With HVAC field service software and field service mobile apps, technicians can access service history from their mobile device. They can see how their experienced counterparts completed service on the same machine before. Access to information via mobile apps is one of the most asked for features technicians are asking for. This also includes access to how-to manuals, guides, on-demand videos and live-streaming services. A properly trained technician is better able to deliver exceptional service and keep your customers happy if they have the knowledge to delivery top of the line service.

Build the Relationship with the Customer

Field service isn’t just about what a technician can fix with a wrench. It’s turning into what a technician can do for a customer. It may not sound like much of a difference, but the expectations of customers are changing and with it are the skills technicians are needing to have. It’s not enough anymore to just be good at ‘swinging a wrench’. Technicians are the face of the organization in the field and need to be able to handle any and all customer service issues.

That’s why, along with additional training tools, it’s important that your HVAC field service software comes ready to handle all customer service needs. That includes:

  • Quoting tools
  • A detailed look into customer contracts and agreements
  • Inventory and stock prices and availability
  • Service history

HVAC field service software through the field service mobile app is giving technicians greater access to handle customer service problems. It’s also why managers are hiring technicians will better customer service skills. People can be taught how to fix a machine but can’t always be taught how to talk with customers.

Make the Most of Downtime

The HVAC industry has downtime when technicians aren’t being called on. People aren’t thinking of installing new air conditioning units when it’s freezing outside, but you should be thinking of it for them. With preventative maintenance programs, you’re ensuring your customers that when the heat or air need to be turned on, it will be working at peak efficiency.

With a contract module in your HVAC field service software automating your preventative maintenance work orders, no service call will be missed. You can start to sell contracts to guarantee up-times to your customers and charge fixed costs instead of time and materials. This will add steady cash flow to your organization and improve your value to your customers.

It’s also a time to start focusing on additional installation work, upgrading units or overhauling entire systems. With the extra workforce power available, downtime is the perfect time to get your customers thinking of adding new equipment. You can guarantee them a fast install as members of your team won’t be off doing seasonal work. With project management software, you can keep these installation projects on-time and on-budget. And with HVAC field service software, you’re now able to handle every type of call coming in, from break/fix, to preventative maintenance to project installations, all within one portal.

Stay Profitable During Busy Times

When times get busy, you don’t want to let your customer service levels slip. It’s no time to miss maintenance calls, drop your high first-time fix rate, or have to put off repairs because you’re too busy. With HVAC field service scheduling software, dispatch your workforce effectively with a full view into each technician’s schedule. Optimize their routes to maximize the time they can be completing service calls. And with a field service mobile app, reduce their administration time by giving them an electronic way to receive work orders and get them back to the head office, without having to return to the office themselves.

If you still find your workforce can’t handle the number of calls coming in, use your HVAC field service scheduling software to manage subcontractors. Grow your workforce, add additional skill sets and meet your customer demands without adding to your full-time expenses. Hiring subcontractors is a great way during the busy season to make sure you never miss a call. Quickly source out work, on-board subcontractors, accept quotes and push them work order using the same field service mobile app your in-house technicians use.

Subcontractors are a great way to add experienced technicians, that can have different skill sets or be in a different geographical area, without the overhead. Many HVAC organizations are turning towards subcontractors to expand their business to new markets. HVAC field service scheduling software is helping to control their movements, their work and keep their standards high.

Achieve Excellence with HVAC Field Service Software

As the HVAC industry changes, your organization will need an HVAC field service software that can handle the change. Fieldpoint’s field service management software comes complete with the tools needed to compete in today’s competitive field service market.

  • Field service mobile app
  • Work order management system
  • Field service scheduling software
  • Contract and project management
  • Subcontractor management tools

All these tools with help your HVAC organization achieve a new level of success, drive profits and improve your customer experience.