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Field Service Software for HVAC Companies

Technician Scheduling & Dispatch, Contracts, CRM and Service Agreement Software

In the competitive field of HVACR, your field service management holds the key to operational excellence and long-term business growth.

Enable your business to differentiate their service and open new revenue streams with real-time mobile field service technology. Adopt a flexible and scalable HVAC field service software platform that connects to your customers and their equipment, integrates with your existing ERP & CRM systems, streamlines operations, and empowers your HVAC technicians.

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Holistic integration of customers, subcontractors, and open work orders in the field


Take real-time action managing budgets, resources and materials during your project monitoring process.


Create enterprise work orders that are scalable for maintenance and emergency work


Increased productivity in planned maintenance scheduling, billing and data collection compliance

Key Success Areas

  • Advanced HVAC field service software offers real-time, profit tracking from billing, labor, and materials – improve your cash flow
  • Fieldpoint’s field service management software caters to companies that develop, implement, install and maintain HVAC and advanced building systems
  • Integrated dispatch software with escalation rules ensures optimized service delivery, tracking and billing break/fix requests – no more missed HVAC service calls
  • Connects your back-office and HVAC technicians in real time– no more paperwork
  • Techs can close off work orders with signatures and images with the mobile field service app – optimize your HVAC service and repair to satisfy your customers
  • Track service agreements and maintenance contracts while you proactively manage renewals through triggers and updates – make your contracts more profitable
  • Financial integration streamlines and expedites billing, payroll, inventory management, and timesheets – completely integrate your systems

Quoting and Estimates with Integration to your CRM System

An Integrated HVAC field service Software

Fieldpoint’s HVAC business software integrates with your existing CRM system and features a sophisticated quoting tool that creates and customizes proposals, quotes, and estimates for your HVAC customers. Convert these quotes and estimates into work orders, jobs, and invoices, reducing the possibility of data entry errors. You can build your job budget for materials, parts, and labor requirements directly from the quotes, and choose one of the flexible progress billing terms to track your project. Technicians and subcontractors can create quotes for additional work, right on site via the mobile field service app, get approvals instantaneously, and then tasks can be assigned to an existing work order, or a new one can be created. You can calculate revenues, margins, and profits right at the quote level.

Reduce the Time Between Service Calls and Dispatch

HVAC Dispatch Software

The unified platform allows you to schedule, dispatch, route, search, and organize work orders from the initial call to completion. With real time calendar visibility, you can see which HVAC technician is available, when they are available, their skill certifications, and territories. The easy-to-use drag and drop tool allows you to schedule HVAC break/fix repairs on the dispatch board, and assign technicians and crews based on optimal routing.

HVAC Field Service Management Software by Fieldpoint

Optimize Your Service Management with Fieldpoint’s Mobile Field Service App

Field service automation

Instantaneously send HVAC field service work order information to and from smartphones, tablets, and laptops for notifications to the technicians and dispatcher. Gain access to real-time work order information, equipment, and customer history. Capture electronic customer signatures in the field, append relevant documents and close off the work order immediately to expedite customer billing.

Make Your HVAC Service Contracts More Profitable and Renewable

HVAC Service Contracts

Make your HVAC service contracts and maintenance agreements a source for long-term service revenue and profitability. Set up flexible PM contracts, warranties, and SLAs and reference them to work orders. Use configurable checklists generated from contracts to ensure technicians are not missing steps in their tasks.

Subcontractor Management

empower your managers with Fieldpoint’s subcontractor scheduling software

HVACR service enterprises are increasingly using subcontractors, freelance resources, and third parties to deliver services to their clients. Fieldpoint offers subcontractor software that empowers managers to manage and monitor third-party vendor activities. We can help you manage quotations, work orders, pricing agreements, and automate the subcontractor assignment and dispatching of work orders. Via the mobile field service app, subcontractors can get work updates, record travel, break, work status work and submit their vouchers to get paid on time. Fieldpoint also offers out of the box integrations to several workforce management platforms.

Project and Job Costing

Field Service Software with project management functionality

Fieldpoint has comprehensive project management functionality to ensure on time and on budget delivery. Complex and lengthy jobs are made more manageable and everyone who needs visibility into progress can access information on a moment’s notice. Never miss a deadline, an opportunity to bill your client or a critical step needed to complete the project.

Financial Integration

Out-of-box integration with Microsoft Dynamics GP, NetSuite, Intacct, Quickbooks and more

Fieldpoint offers out-of-the-box integrations to your CRM, ERP and accounting systems like Microsoft Dynamics GP, NetSuite, Intacct, Quickbooks and more. Does your business use a different system? We have an open API and will build custom integrations to your existing systems. Integration with billing, inventory, purchasing, and payroll will streamline your HVAC companies’ operations and realize cash flow. You will be able to invoice parts or materials directly through the system while performing mark-ups and track sales. Fieldpoint’s ERP financial integration can access inventory or any parts you need from a work order on your mobile device and check whether the required part is in stock. Not in stock? Let the system generate a requisition, and, once approved, it will automatically populate on the accounting side to create a purchase order.

Configurable Checklists for HVAC Tasks

Field Service Software with Mobile Checklists

Many HVAC contractors use paper-based checklists to record maintenance, installations or service work in the field. With our advanced HVAC checklists configurator, it is possible to create customized and automated checklists in the office which are then synched to the mobile device so techs can follow and document procedures or collect data while on-site. The checklists walk your techs through specific processes and make sure that the job is done completely and accurately. These checklists can be used for regulating maintenance procedures, code compliance checks and setting installation standards.

Business Analytics and Advanced Reporting

Evaluate your HVAC scheduling software

Fieldpoint’s HVAC business software solution gives you dynamic reporting of key targeted indicators for your business. Drill down your service trends and profit margins by region, office or salesperson, and customize your targets based on the individual department to get a better view of your business in order to make more informed business decisions.

HVAC Field Service Software News

How Does HVAC Software Help Deliver Quality Service?

How can HVAC software help deliver great service for field service management businesses? They have to juggle the many different types of service they offer, add more calls in a day, track history and technician performance. In other words, they need HVAC field service software to drive them forward.

What Does Your People Roadmap for HVAC Field Service look like?

Does your HVAC organization have a roadmap for new people coming onto your workforce? Have to set objectives, defined job roles and goals for new technicians? How will your HVAC field service software help with that? Plan ahead and get a people roadmap ready for the future of HVAC field service.

Outcome-Based Service is the Future of Field Service Management

It’s no secret in the field service management industry that customers now demand more than just a service. They demand results. The drive in the field service management space is now moving away from simple break/fix. It’s even going beyond preventative maintenance to now be all about the results. Whatever the repair or service may be, at the end of it all, it’s about how you deliver on the results.

The Hurdles and Opportunities HVAC Field Service Software Helps Us Address

Extend the boom of the HVAC industry and the growing economy well beyond the years it is predicted. Set up the future of your organization today by using field service mobile apps, modern technologies and field service software. Leaders are faced with hurdles every day in the HVAC market, but it’s how they are dealing with them to turn them from hurdles into opportunities that sets them apart.

The Millennial and Field Service Management Go Hand in Hand

There is no question that the field service management industry today will look very different tomorrow and beyond. Baby Boomers make up 20 percent of the American public and on any given day, 10,000 baby boomers are retiring, according to Forbes. What may be more...

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