HVAC Dispatching Software: What’s in It for You?


Last updated Nov 2, 2023 at 7:22PM | Published on Jul 6, 2020 | HVAC

Dispatching is the most powerful link between your HVAC service team and your customers. The reason being, it is the dispatcher’s goal to ensure the right technician reaches the customer as quickly as possible; achieving this goal will make your customer service unbeatable. 

While on the one side, your sales team is making all the efforts to add more service calls, but on the other hand, your dispatcher is trying hard to fit all these service calls onto his/her whiteboard or online calendar. Any error in manual dispatching can result in mismanaged schedules, loss of technicians productivity or dissatisfied customers. 

So how do you provide your HVAC company with an infrastructure that can support its growth? 

By using an HVAC dispatching software, you can transform the way your service technicians are managed. Right from selecting the best technician for the job to adjusting their schedules for new service callsdispatching software can simplify the entire process 

A dispatching software helps you achieve efficiency in your service management and sets you up for success in the following ways:  

Declutters Your Work Order Pile  

In a manual workflow setup, a dispatcher’s desk is covered in piles of work orders that need to be dispatchedfollowed by looking at whiteboards or multiple calendars to check technicians schedules. 

While a dispatcher can manage these tasks manually for a smaller team – though not as efficiently – it becomes extremely complicated to manage a larger team of technicians without the right tools.

An HVAC software streamlines the workflows and gives you a holistic view of the to-do tasks. All the relevant details and prerequisites can be viewed in a single, interactive dashboard to make your life easier. You can see your technicians calendars for weeks/months and instantly dispatch a work order according to the technician’s skill set and availability. 

Makes Sure the Right Technician Arrives at the Right Time 

A highlyvalued aspect of an HVAC company is its customer service, and dispatching plays a critical role in it. As an HVAC company, you get multiple break-fix calls, most of which may require urgent attention. Fulfilling urgent calls may be troublesome with a manual dispatching system for various reasons, such as lack of technicians location details, broken communication systems or unavailability of schedules.

Using an HVAC dispatching software gives you real-time visibility over your technicians locations, job statuses and schedules. As a result, any new calls can be easily dragged and dropped into a technician’s schedule, ensuring you are on top of your customer service all the time. 

Optimizes Service Performance 

Your frontline workers’ performance is ultimately going to decide the success of your company. If, right now, your technicians capacity is underutilized, you are losing valuable resources. The time spent on unnecessary driving or sitting idle because of poorly managed schedules can otherwise be utilized to provide additional hours of billable services. Depending on the size of your team, even an extra 15 minutes of driving time for each technician can translate to an entire day’s worth of productivity being wasted. 

To achieve a lean service organization, dispatching software uses business intelligence to optimize the route and travel time of technicians. The software will automatically suggest the shortest route possible to accomplish your technician’s tasks for the day. Route optimization prevents wastage of productive time for unproductive reasons. 

The Right Dispatching Can Make or Break Your Technicians Day  

Unreasonable driving times are a significant burden on your frontline service technicians. Saving them from the headache of a mismanaged schedule directly contributes to their productivity. With the right HVAC dispatching software, results are almost instant. The number of hours you have saved through correct routing is visible right then and there. The most substantial reasons for adopting HVAC dispatching software are the visibility of your workforce, optimized routes, and automated processes.

To see how dispatching can help you automate your HVAC business, check out our demo videos or connect with one of our account executives to schedule a personalized demo.