Business Intelligence and Analytics in Field Service Management

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Last updated Jan 3, 2020 at 1:42PM | Published on Jul 26, 2017 | Blog, Field Service, Technology Trends

Business Intelligence is more than just reports. It’s an in-depth business analysis module that caters to each specific person that uses the Fieldpoint field service software.

When we say, it’s catered towards you, we literally mean you, no matter if you’re the service manager, in operations, accounting or the owner, Business Intelligence can be tailored to fit your needs to analyze the business.

business intelligence and analytics in field service management

On the surface, it may seem like a way to chart revenue and costs and keep track of profit margins, but with Business Intelligence, any part of the business can be tracked with great depth of detail. It’s all customizable, tailored to the individual who has specific needs for information. A sales manager may want to see their revenue and costs, but break that down to territories, and sales by month, and by which sales person. While a service manager has the options to track service calls and what calls are recurring within the business.

Business Intelligence can generate exception reports, a report outside what is considered the norm for your business, and send you an email reminder that this report needs to be addressed. Field service managers may have a report that generates when an outstanding work order has not been scheduled within an allotted time, or the accounting department may have an exception report generated if invoicing a project goes beyond the normal parameters for the business invoicing procedures.

It turns the business from reactive to proactive because all the data to make real-time decisions can be customized and accessible to make forward thinking business decisions. With intelligent data, the system can be telling you vital information as data is being entered across the Fieldpoint field service software. Exception reporting can be completed by the system, rather than hoping the data is analyzed properly and the abnormal information is perceived. You can also arm mobile workers with the intelligence and insight they need to be more productive, and these reports are run through data collected via the field service app.

With dynamic customizable data, Business Intelligence can be as specific as you want it to be, and encompass your entire business history input into Fieldpoint. Having a slow December? Consider how many services calls you did, what the profit margin was, and how much time each call was taking. But also, apply a historic view over the last five years and see if this is a trend or is this year a one-off problem, and where the problem is that needs to be addressed. It literally puts the power in your hands to dig deep into your businesses successes and narrow down the areas that could use improvement.

In Fieldpoint, it’s literally drag and drop whatever you want to see in a dynamic report that gives you an in-depth look at your business. From how to utilize your resources, to trending field service work, to how much time people are taking vacations and how that impacts cost, the business intelligence module can deliver insightful data that allows you to drill down on any fundamental aspect of the business, giving the opportunity for real-time decisions.