Business Intelligence – An Essential For Service Management Software

Optimize your Operational Efficiency

Business intelligence applications are designed to help leverage data by generating analytical reports, using any combination of Key Performance Indicators that are unique to a business. Information generated can be used for strategic business planning around trends, budgets, resources, targets, and areas to focus on driving performance in the future.

Service management tools have become a key success factor in field service management, and business intelligence is on its way to becoming an integral add-on. A good service management system coupled with business intelligence capabilities, can quickly analyze large volumes of complex and detailed data for exceptions and trends without having to invest huge amounts of time investigating processes and asking IT to write additional reports that can be deemed outdated very quickly. That time can now be used to focus on leveraging data to determine where the ROI can be found.

The past few years have shown a conflux of Service Management and Mobility, which has emanated the capability to deliver data derived from analytics anytime, anywhere. Executives, service managers, and field technicians have become proficient and at ease with using smart technology to produce and analyze information derived from business activities, as well as communicate it.

There is an emphasis on business-driven BI and analytics – data assets play a huge role in business decision making; business users want more data and more control over how they access, analyze, present and share it. Now BI can be deployed more efficiently across enterprises with fewer IT resources – the application accelerates time to value, lowers risk, and better utilizes existing data including CRM and ERP systems.