Questions to Ask When Investing in an HVAC Field Service Software

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Last updated Feb 24, 2020 at 4:57PM | Published on Dec 29, 2017 | Blog, Field Service, HVAC

Buying any kind of HVAC field service software can be confusing and a challenging task for any manager tasked with making the critical decision to go with a software solution for their HVAC field service organization.

How will this help my organization? What’s all this talk of IoT and mobility? Is this really for me? What is the best field service software out there?

That’s just some of the questions you’re probably thinking of when you’re thinking of a field service software. Buying an HVAC field service software takes work to buy, but any smart decision that will offer multiple benefits to your organization should be given your full attention and hard work to find the best option.

Here are some questions you can think of that should make the process of buying a field service management software easier.

Is an HVAC Field Service Software a good fit for my organization?

Field service software is not a one size fits all purchase. Like a good suit, it needs to fit and be tailored to you, or in this case, your HVAC organization. You know your business better than anyone, and you know what it needs to succeed, and what areas could use a software to help with efficiency.

Some HVAC field service software solutions are made for larger companies, some for smaller. Some focus on preventative maintenance, while others offer the ability to track project installations, offer integrations with financial systems, and give you a mobile app for your technicians.

However, the keyword is, what YOU need in a field service software because every organization is different and software fits differently. It doesn’t mean you can’t take it in or take it out, it just means it needs to be properly fitted for your organization’s size.

Is field service software easy to use?

It may seem like a basic question, but you have to consider that everyone in your organization is going to be using this new tool, training will have to be done to get everyone familiar with it, and there will be some pushback from those who are accustomed to doing things the old-fashioned way.

So when evaluating an HVAC field service management software, getting one that comes will all the bells and whistles may not be the best fit for your organization, especially if the training required to use it is extreme. You don’t want to have to retrain your technicians over and over again on how to use a complicated software, as you have bought the software to help them do their job.

Can an HVAC field service software grow your business?

That’s the question everyone wants to know. Will implementing a field service software help grow my businesses revenue and profit margins, will it get me more customers and will we be able to conduct more service calls?

The answer to all three questions is yes. With many tools in an HVAC field service software, from scheduling and dispatching options, contract automation, business intelligence, and integrations, time will be cut down on administrative tasks, work orders can be closed out faster, technicians have more time to work on fixing HVAC systems, and your entire organization becomes more efficient, which will lead to great bottom line revenue.It’s not an easy decision at all, but with more and more HVAC field service organizations moving towards a software solution, it’s becoming a decision many service managers are trying to make. Don’t let the unknown scare you, though. As the right field service software is available to you or can be tailored to meet your needs and demands.