Why VARs should partner with Fieldpoint to close more field service deals

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Last updated Nov 2, 2023 at 7:21PM | Published on Jul 12, 2022 | Field Service, Financial Management

For more than 25 years, Fieldpoint has met the needs of our field service customers by helping them deliver a great experience to their own customer base. That is exceptionally true for users of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Great Plains and Business Central ERP and accounting systems, as Fieldpoint’s integration with the Dynamics 365 products is embedded in our solution.

As a Fieldpoint partner, Microsoft VARs, resellers and consultants can offer their field service customers a provider who is focused entirely on developing the best field service experience possible for them. The benefits of referring a mutual customer to Fieldpoint are found in our ability to provide the most value out of the two most important software solutions that field service organizations will use to operate their commercial business more efficiently.

Below are just some of the benefits of working with Fieldpoint, and more importantly, what’s in it for your customer as you help them find the best provider of field service software to fit their needs.

We can each focus on our core products during the sales cycle

The primary factor of becoming a partner with Fieldpoint is that you are getting a team that is dedicated entirely to producing the best field service software. Our main goal is to offer a scalable and flexible platform that can handle all the service needs of our customers, including:

Our partnership allows each of us to focus on what we do best and work together during the sales cycle to find the best solution for our mutual customers’ complex problems.

Hundreds of customers have benefited from our best-in-class field service solution over the years, with a team of expert sales and software implementation consultants to ensure the platform can adapt well to their business requirements. Our solution has everything a mid-size or enterprise commercial field service vendor needs to operate efficiently, out-of-the-box, but is flexible enough to allow for customization of workflows and processes if required.

Microsoft Dynamics Products are at the core of our software

Fieldpoint is no stranger to any of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 products, including Great Plains and Business Central. Many of our most successful customers are using one of Microsoft’s ERP systems alongside Fieldpoint’s field service management software to manage their day to day operations. Due to our API and longstanding history with Microsoft Dynamics 365, the ERP integration is delivered out-of-the-box and meant to work seamlessly with Microsoft ERPs, with minimal customization required.

From the Microsoft Dynamics 365 product, the Fieldpoint system can be populated with information needed to start managing service, and both systems reflect any changes made in either system. Additionally, customers can manage parts information on work orders in real-time, making the process to convert a work order into a sales order easier, reducing errors and manual work when invoicing customers for parts, labor and expenses.

What ‘out-of-the-box’ means to us is an established integration that can be installed quickly and efficiently by our professional services team who have vast experience in integrating the two systems together. Our team, who will work directly with the customer, holds in-depth knowledge on the implementation, ensuring that Microsoft Dynamics 365 products and Fieldpoint work well together, so, onboarding a new client with a Microsoft Dynamics 365 integration is painless. 

We often hear from our existing partners that the solutions that exist for field service business within the Microsoft ERP ecosystem are not robust enough for mid-size and enterprise-level field service providers. Especially for those who need to manage complex work orders, assign technicians and manage parts needed to complete a service, all within the same platform, to avoid manual work and duplicate entries. By integrating Fieldpoint with Microsoft ERPs they can often eliminate disparate systems and add-ons that become difficult to manage as their businesses grow.

Fieldpoint has an experienced development team that is able to help modify or enhance the integration with Great Plains and Business Central to make it work exactly how our mutual customer needs it. With a foundation already built, we are beyond just integrating a product and now looking at enhancing processes and workflows, opening endless possibilities for customers to take advantage of both systems.

Experience working in different verticals

As the field service industry grows, so too does Fieldpoint in the industries we get involved with. Fieldpoint has clients across many different verticals, including the HVAC and refrigeration, fire and life safety, industrial equipment, IT voice and data,  medical device repair, and facilities management. By partnering with Fieldpoint, you will increase your chances of closing field service deals in industries that are showing relevant growth.

Fieldpoint has a large focus on the HVAC industry, as the COVID-19 pandemic has put a greater focus on indoor air quality and put more importance on creating healthy indoor environments. The latest AHR Expo 2022 Trend Report shows optimism amongst multiple HVAC stakeholders about the direction of the industry, citing the new challenges brought out by the pandemic have raised the profile of the HVAC industry and new green and environmental technology.

Our diverse list of customers has helped us grow our software to meet the specific needs of each industry. Whether it’s retrofitting an old HVAC system, ensuring safety compliance of a fire alarm system, or offering subcontractor service for IT companies, Fieldpoint has found solutions that work directly with our customers.

We have ensured our field service software is capable of meeting the demands diverse growing field services businesses have, so they can remain productive, efficient, compliant, and generate more revenue.

Read more about our customers’ success using Fieldpoint.

Partner with a robust field service management provider and close more deals

Fieldpoint has a long history of working with partners who are looking to pair Microsoft Dynamics 365 products with field service software. Our offerings of solutions have constantly put Fieldpoint in the front seat in every conversation, as we work on delivering the best field service experience to our customers and find our customers ways to make their business more efficient.

Becoming a partner with Fieldpoint isn’t just about an integration. We want to help our mutual customers run their business more efficiently, and that’s why our team of professional service developers are always looking for ways to enhance workflows and customize our software to work within their needs and exceed their expectations.

While the integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Great Plains and Business Central might be out-of-the-box, Fieldpoint is a dynamic and flexible product in its own right, allowing us to tailor our system to fit the solution to our customers’ needs, as they scale their business and are looking to build processes that are unique to their operations.

To find out more about how we can work together as a partner, schedule a meeting with our team today and see how Fieldpoint can be the solution for you to close more deals in the field service space. We also offer a revenue share agreement, so you will get rewarded for your referrals.