Fieldpoint Announces New Updates to Their Leading Field Service Mobile Solution

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Last updated Dec 8, 2020 at 10:56PM | Published on Aug 28, 2017 | Press Releases

Press Release: Fieldpoint Announces New Updates to Their Leading Field Service Mobile Solution

OAKVILLE, Ontario, August 28, 2017 – Fieldpoint customers can now enjoy improved customer satisfaction, efficient technician utilization and better enterprise service delivery with Fieldpoint’s updated mobile field service app, advanced checklisting, scheduling and troubleshooting features.

With a myriad of new features that help to substantially automate workflows and streamline business processes, Fieldpoint’s new advance checklisting functionality comes with an updated interface that allows your technicians to progress quickly through required checklists, using nested and smart questions to not only organize your templates, but to also make sure that the technician’s lives are made easier and they don’t miss any procedural steps.

These nested questions provide a way to trigger further actions, information fields or questions from responses, and gives technicians the ability to follow workflows within a template. Field service mobile checklists are not just a list; they’re dynamic, meaning that if a technician answers a certain question a certain way, then the checklist will adjust and show them the next step as it correlates to their previous answer.

“With Fieldpoint’s latest mobile checklist enhancements, we have come the closest yet to delivering the ultimate ‘to do list.’ Our HVAC, high tech, medical, and fire and life service customers all use checklists to boost efficiency and reduce mistakes,” says Mike Mance, CMO, Field Service Applications. “We have set a new standard in workforce mobility with a highly intuitive interface and powerful features to carry out service knowledge and experience and apply it effectively.”

Service managers can now create, define and modify these checklists using an effective drag and drop tool to make sure that the technicians and subcontractors are following quality control and troubleshooting procedures and can create sales quotes right from the checklist. They can also generate business analytic reports from the checklists, going into as much or as little detail as they like.

These new features can be coupled with the ability to assign checklists to a specific piece of equipment on a work order, ensuring your technicians have the proper checklist for the right piece of equipment — as well as required fields that prompt action by a technician to close out the work order, ensuring that proper procedures and inspections are followed.