10 Benefits of an Industrial Maintenance Management Software



Last updated Jul 26, 2023 at 1:53PM | Published on Mar 21, 2018 | Blog

Are you thinking of investing in industrial maintenance management software? There are plenty of benefits to taking your enterprise towards an automation approach, all of which will help you save money and time on your service delivery, and improve the daily operations of your industrial maintenance technicians, making them more efficient and productive.

1) Offer more flexibility with your maintenance strategy

Rather than being at the mercy of unanticipated breakdowns, you can set up your own maintenance schedule that is automated by your industrial equipment maintenance software. Preventative maintenance schedules can be specifically designed for each piece of equipment, as not all schedules fit the same for each piece of equipment. Mix and match your schedules and plan your maintenance strategy to include preventative and predictive maintenance.

2) Access to relevant KPIs

By analyzing equipment failures, downtime, resource utilization and other patterns using analytical tools, you can monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) on pieces of equipment and implement changes to their service schedules that will reduce the risk of downtimes and unnecessary repairs in the future, which ultimately improves your customer service when offering your customers the ability to track their equipment and keep them running longer.

3) Get control of your inventory

Track parts and inventory levels and optimize how your business purchases parts for service with complete insight into inventory levels in your field service software. Integrations with your accounting systems, such as Microsoft GP and NetSuite, give you full access to inventory levels at each warehouse and makes ordering and requesting parts simple and easy, as purchases are immediately applied to sales orders to be billed to the customer.

4) Conquer maintenance backlog

In a world with fewer technicians that need to complete a backlog of service calls, your industrial equipment maintenance software can help balance your resource’s schedules to optimize your service delivery. With a complete view of a technician’s schedule, your dispatch team can customize their schedule to make it more efficient, such as grouping service calls to a geographical location, or moving calls around to better fit more calls into their schedule shift, leaving little downtime for them between calls.

5) Access to real-time information

Get up-to-date, real-time information from the field in your field service maintenance software, allowing you to make accurate decisions with the most recent data. Analytics are updated automatically when work orders are submitted, and dispatchers can see a live status update of where the technician is in their planned service call, allowing for greater optimization and relaying of information to customers.

6) Better management of work requests

Managing the influx of work requests is one area industrial equipment maintenance organizations can struggle with, but with a field service management software, managers can receive work order requests through multiple ways, and automation can offer relief of having to build work orders from scratch, with preset and pre-built work orders made for each piece of equipment. Make sure nothing is missed in your preventative maintenance schedules, and make it quick and easy to produce emergency repair work orders with a software solution.

7) Extend the life of aging assets

With an industrial equipment maintenance software, you can keep track of all the service history on each individual piece of equipment for your customers. See every service deliver by your technicians on a piece of equipment, which can help speed up repairs, and offer better insight into the lifecycle of that equipment so you can change repair schedules appropriately to get the longest life out of assets as you can.

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8) Going mobile

Give your technicians a mobile app solution for their work orders, removing any paper-based activity they would need to complete and putting it all on a mobile device. Technicians will have complete access to the field service software, as well as all the information from their work orders, checklists to complete for inspections, and they can capture photos of their repairs for a detailed history of the work they have done. Push notifications allow them to see their entire schedule on their mobile field service app, and keeps the technicians out in the field, as opposed to coming back to the office for parts and work order paperwork.

9) Access to historical data

With an industrial equipment maintenance software, all historical data is at your fingertips. All previous work orders are a click away with highly searchable functionality that can have you narrow down your scope to an individual company, service type, technician, service code and many more options. Build a detailed legacy system and have all your service history readily available to you.

10) Go Green!

Do away with paper-based activities and enter a full electronic world with a cloud-based industrial maintenance management software. Your technicians won’t be need pens and clipboards for service calls, and you won’t need filing cabinets for historical data, as all of it is saved in the cloud and readily available. Reduce your paper consumption, while also making more efficient for your technicians to return work orders by offering mobile solutions and a field service software.