How Work Order Software Can Improve the Lifecycle of a Work Order

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Last updated Nov 2, 2023 at 7:22PM | Published on Mar 23, 2021 | Field Service, Work Order Management

Your field service operations create a significant amount of paperwork. Whether you are the only technician heading out to service calls or you’re managing dozens of service call teams, work order software can help you streamline your business. Discover how to better respond to service requests, manage customer information and provide detailed invoices to your customers with software from Fieldpoint.


Create and Assign Work Orders

Field service management software connects your technicians and office staff with a single, streamlined system. This software can be conveniently downloaded to your office computers and mobile devices for all your technicians.

In the office, this means your team can create work orders based on customer service call requests. Enter a deadline, name, and address to easily organize work orders and make assignments to your field technicians. Technicians instantly receive their assignments on their mobile device, which eliminates the need for face-to-face communication or passing paperwork orders back and forth.

Customers can even input their own information if they wish. An online contact form can be connected to automatically enter information for a work order to reduce the risk of input error. Don’t make your office staff spend unnecessary time copying information from an email to your digital system.


Adjust and Complete Work Orders

Technicians, office employees, and managers can all adjust a mobile work order in real-time. After an in-person inspection, your contractor may determine that more components or hours are necessary. Entering the necessary information in a field service mobile app is all it takes for your back-office employees to update the invoice.

Similarly, if a customer calls into the office to request an alteration to their work order, this new request can be sent immediately to the on-site technician. An alternative delivery site, a new area of inspection, or a change in service time can all be sent out to multiple contractors without time-consuming phone calls.

A completed work order is simple with a field management software program. Contractors can input their hours spent on the job or clock in and out of specific jobs. Once completed, the information is sent to your office staff for review. An electronic work order avoids the risk of miscommunication or lost paperwork that could otherwise cause an incorrect invoice to be sent to your customer.


Back-Office Improvements

Don’t let mountains of paperwork overwhelm your hard-working back-office staff. Physical paper copies of work orders can provide backup records after a job is completed, but orders being processed need routine updating and altering. Enjoy these dispatch improvements when you switch from paper-based order tracking to a digital alternative from Fieldpoint:

  • Faster dispatching services
  • Reduced time and staff needed for work order management
  • Improved billing accuracy
  • Increased customer satisfaction and retention
  • Synchronized communication

As your company grows, your dispatch team needs to coordinate the schedules of an increasingly larger pool of contractors and subcontractors. The latest dispatch software helps manage schedules and review work orders with precision and convenience.




In some cases, you may even need less staff. Digital improvements in your office cut minutes or hours of work from every job. All those time savings and add up to a full position that can be reduced or removed from your company. Put an employee’s skills and resources to better use with all that saved time.


Benefits of Work Order Software for Your Process

There are a number of industries that can benefit from the latest field management software. Handle your work orders the right way to improve the efficiency of the entire work order life cycle. The entire lifespan of a work order can be completed without any paper. A totally electronic alternative to messy paper trails dramatically streamlines the process. Here are six stages that work orders typically go through:

  1. A work order is created
  2. The order is sent to a field technician
  3. The project is scheduled
  4. The technician begins the project
  5. The cost of the project is estimated
  6. An invoice is created and sent to the customer

Accuracy in every step is critical to keeping your company growing, your customers happy and your technicians working efficiently. Follow each step to see how your company can benefit from our software.

First, a detailed work order starts with clear information from the customer. Addresses, phone numbers, and project information can all be mishandled if written down by hand or copied from one paper work order to another. A digital system makes it easy for your office staff or even the customer to enter information and verify the accuracy of information.

Orders need to be managed carefully to avoid overbooking technicians or creating inefficient days. Creating every project online allows your office staff to view them all together. They can drag and drop items between technicians to determine the optimal schedule.

Once a job is handed off to a technician, it needs to be scheduled. Managing the entire timeline of a project can be a lot of work, particularly for jobs with multiple subcontractors working sequentially. Estimates of the time required for each step of the process can be updated throughout the lifetime of the work order.

Your technician can clock into the specific job for advanced tracking and increased estimate accuracy. This mobile app software not only helps you track time but also equipment. 96% of companies find it beneficial to track their fleet with GPS software, which is available through Fieldpoint software.

The final step is invoicing your customer. A long paper trail for a project increases the risk of an improper invoice. This could lead to overcharging your customer or charging too little for your services. One error can turn away future customers, while another can significantly decrease your company’s profits. Solve your paperwork stress with a digital alternative.


Learn More About Field Management Software With Fieldpoint

Learn more about software for work orders today at Fieldpoint. Our state-of-the-art field service software can help you reduce the stress, cost, and inefficiency of paperwork orders. Schedule a demo today to explore pricing options for your industry. Go digital and keep your technicians working efficiently with the help of our team at Fieldpoint