The Importance of Being Integrated to Microsoft GP

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Last updated May 15, 2019 at 9:13AM | Published on Apr 4, 2017 | Blog, Whitepapers

Typically, enterprises need to integrate their service management system with software applications like sales (CRM), Manufacturing (ERP) and financial accounting. These integrations ensure that enterprises are not working off several systems that do not speak to each other and that there is connectivity and With this level of integration, you can –

  • Reduce Operational and Administrative Costs
  • Measure Real-time Performance of Your Service Delivery Strategy
  • Boost Enterprise Profitability
  • Improve Business Processes


One of Fieldpoint’s out of the box integrations is with Microsoft Dynamics GP (Great Plains), a global financial and business management application used by thousands of organizations worldwide. Many Fieldpoint customers use Microsoft GP for their sales, inventory, invoicing, purchasing and financial accounting. The two applications are collaborated and enhance workforce productivity. You have complete visibility into GP from within the Fieldpoint application, and customer data, parts and employee stats are all in sync. You can track inventory for work orders and projects right from Fieldpoint when a field technician closes a service call; they will record their labor and parts used, which will price these transactions. The invoice is prepared in Fieldpoint and passed to GP where it is taxed, printed for distribution, and automatically updated in the customer’s accounts receivable balance.

The service system thereby is used for quicker invoice generation, creates a single point of entry, and reduces workload in the finance department. With the mobile app, the field tech can do all this right from the customer site! If a field tech is onsite and they don’t have a part that they need for a job, they can check from Fieldpoint where the part is located, does it need to be ordered or can it be picked up? This improves break fix rates as well as saves the tech valuable time and money, and they close off the work order right onsite as opposed to having to return to the office to sync their financials with the back office. With the GP Integration-

With the GP Integration

  • You can handle invoicing, tax calculations and price levels.
  • Parts planning to optimize stock levels, and reduce redundant inventory
  • Smart purchasing for parts replenishment and subcontractor requirements
  • Integrate your timesheets to payroll and integrate expense management to accounts payable


With the Fieldpoint integration, you have now reduced redundant admin activities, saved time,  bill immediately and improve your cash flow! Fieldpoint’s service management product offering can be integrated, and has successfully been integrated with many different other enterprise software systems. Share data in real time, streamline your operations and serve your customers better.