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Last updated Jul 4, 2017 at 8:09AM | Published on Feb 14, 2017 | Field Service, HVAC

HVAC Field Service Software

The HVAC service industry is an 88-billion-dollar industry with an annual growth of 4.9%. There are a few factors that influence the steady growth and expansion of the sector, like the advent and awareness of energy efficient systems and the rebound of activity in the construction market. Coupled with an increase in economic activity has caused an unprecedented corporate profit increase. I have to say that there are many service software options out there to manage your HVAC business, but which solution is right for you?

Your Business Requirements

Firstly, you need an application that can handle the workflow needs of HVAC contractors, but is that enough? The need of the day is to have a system in place that can dispatch, schedule, create appointments and be fully integrated with your ERP and CRM system. You should be able to track quotes, work orders, schedule & dispatch, parts inventory and invoices with one application. HVAC service mostly takes place in the field so your application of choice must be accessible on mobile devices and come with a field mobile app.

Fieldpoint’s End to End Field Service Management and Job Scheduling Software

Fieldpoint is your go-to solution to automate your field service activities completely. Streamline operations and manage your HVAC service business through one stand alone system that integrates to your existing ERP and CRM system. Right from when the salespeople convert their quotes and bids into jobs, your installation, service, finance and procurement department now all have visibility to the job information that they need. Initial invoices can be generated directly from the job and equipment can be ordered directly from the job and processed in your ERP systems.

Through Fieldpoint the dispatcher can generate schedules and routes based on availability from a resource planning tool. The dispatcher has a complete view of calendars, skill sets, certifications and locations of techs. The constant back and forth between the tech and dispatcher can be minimized and even eliminated.

Now that the job is scheduled and an appointment created for the tech, through their field mobile app they can view customer account details, payment and service history. Technicians can create work invoices and automate customer payments upon completion of service while still on site. They can access customer data and work history, work with checklists, capture photos, and signatures right in the field.

This is more accurate than having to fill paper forms that then have to be submitted into a system back in the office. Your activities are now paperless, and you have expedited getting your invoices out the door. You have also reduced the number of hours and cost allocated to administration. With HVAC you are looking at a huge inventory of units, parts, tools, etc. Fieldpoint’s HVAC field service software helps companies keep track of equipment details, such as make, model, serial number, warranty data, manufacturer and more. Inventory supply is maintained by tracking items that are used and stocking when levels are running low.

Business Process Integration

Fieldpoint’s integration to other systems is one of the biggest differentiators that we have in the HVAC field service software market. HVAC business owners who integrate their field service software with an accounting software can save themselves from having to manually transfer invoice and billing data from one application to another. Similarly, integration with a CRM application can lead to more insights to help those sales teams sell and meet customer expectations.