HVAC Service and Project Management

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Last updated Aug 16, 2021 at 1:33PM | Published on Aug 10, 2017 | Blog, HVAC

When we think about a typical HVAC company, we basically think of their service, their preventative maintenance work, keeping coolant levels and tracking coolant that they take out, typical field service, break and fix type activity.

The reality is, many of the HVAC companies achieve that service work because they’ve sold the larger installation to put the equipment in or on the building. Those become sizable projects that almost require a construction-level job costing system to manage the deployment of that activity. It also generally means it’s the same pool of resources that perform field service as it is the people that do the large-scale installations and construction-based work.

Fully Integrated HVAC Field Service Software

So consequently, it becomes critical that the project costing system is fully integrated into the field service management application so that you can schedule, collect time, manage inventory, gather expenses and collect work and meet your payroll requirements based on work being performed on HVAC field service work orders, preventative maintenance calls as well as project-based construction and installation work.

HVAC Project and Job Costing

Fieldpoint is providing just that in its projects and job costing module. We have an excellent project and job cost system that we can manage all your estimates and all your billing, while fully integrating with your current CRM. Whether invoicing for your projects is progress draw-based, whether you have holdbacks or retainage, all of that is managed in the project costing system. If you happen to use AI Inc billing, all of that is also supported within the Fieldpoint application.

A Complete HVAC Service Software Solution

So, what Fieldpoint is providing is a true end-to-end solution to handle the project component as opposed to just the field service component for anybody in the HVAC or industrial equipment service space.

The further advantage to having those two large areas of business integrated into one operating system is you also have the entire field force utilizing a single mobile app. Whether they’re doing project-based work or field service work, the mobile field service app available in the Apple Store and Google Play is applicable for both sides of the business.

HVAC Service Software Goes Mobile

Again, you’ve got a self-taught and simple mobile user interface available to the entire pool of technical resources, whether they work for both sides of the business exclusively in projects or exclusively in field service.