Fieldpoint’s HVAC Field Service Software for Operations Management

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Last updated Jul 9, 2019 at 10:09AM | Published on Jun 16, 2017 | Blog, HVAC

Fieldpoint’s HVAC Field Service Software for Operations Management

Fieldpoint’s HVAC field service software is a best-of-breed service solution which automates a service and project delivery process from end-to-end. From quotes and estimates, all the way through to installations and ongoing field service empowers organizations to optimize service delivery, reduce administration costs, maximize service profitability and even integrate seamlessly with your back-office ERP or financial software.

Quoting Tool

When salespeople convert their quotes and bids into jobs, installation services, finance, and procurement departments now all have visibility to the job information that they need. Initial invoices are generated directly from the work order and equipment can be ordered and processed in your ERP system. You can use the Fieldpoint resource planner to explore the availability of your installation team quickly. With this advanced tool, you can fulfill your estimated labor demand and allocate the resources needed with a simple drag-and-drop resource calendar while sending any relevant notifications to the appropriate staff.hvac field service software for operations management

Project and Job Costing

Throughout the job, you can explore your real-time costs, assess your budgets versus actuals, and rely on real-time project accounting to establish how your team is performing against your estimates. With the project workflow, ease of scheduling and ERP integrations; Fieldpoint’s HVAC field service software reduces your administration time and optimizes your overall job profitability. Completing a job builds your customer equipment database and transitions from your project department to ongoing service. Fieldpoint software serializes your client equipment and manages warranties sub-components and any related equipment. These assets can be appended to maintenance agreement via workflow and will automatically create recurring preventative maintenance work orders. You can run maintenance contract reports to assess overall contract profitability, and the automation of billing and field service maintenance empowers your organization to improve your contract profitability.

Complete Visibility into Your Customer Data

Fieldpoint’s field service functionality makes it convenient and efficient for a service representative to access all customer information and create new service requests quickly. From one screen, you can empower your representatives to easily access the client’s equipment service history, payment status from your ERP system and any applicable SLA service entitlements. Use the dispatch board to sort your service calls by severity and display availability of your field techs with the necessary skill set you need.

A simple drag-and-drop of the work order onto the calendar will both schedule a service and notify the technician in the field. The Fieldpoint mobile app makes communicating between professionals and your home office instantaneous and efficient. Take advantage of the ERP integrated labor, parts and expense entry along with a configurable task checklist to make your business paperless in the field. The mobile application enables your technicians to view and complete manufacturer items, specific checklists, to scan device barcodes, take pictures, enter all necessary data and collect the customer signature.

Fieldpoint’ HVAC field service software is an industry-leading solution with more than fifteen years of experience in the HVAC and refrigeration industry.