How the Right Professional Services Expertise Can Help You Achieve the Most From a Flexible Field Service Solution


Last updated Nov 2, 2023 at 7:22PM | Published on Jun 23, 2021 | Blog

The demand for technology is rapidly increasing in today’s field service management world. As organizations become more complex, the solutions they need grow in complexity with them. This requires a solution that doesn’t come in a one-size-fits-all framework, but rather one that needs to be configured specifically to the business needs, outcomes, and processes. 

Fieldpoint has helped hundreds of customers transform their service execution with our customizable field service software. We start with understanding your business and its needs, then connect the dots with our application that can be tailored to meet your demands. That is where the real value of a field service software comes, through the ability to customize the application to fit the needs of the customer, rather than trying to fit every customer into a pre-packaged system. 

That’s why our Professional Services team is an important part of deploying a field service solution, because they go from ideation, straight through to deploying the application that works specifically for you. Our team of highly skilled service members understand the business our customers are in, can project manage a path to success, and follow a journey from implementation, to adoption, with continued maintenance, to achieve your desired outcomes.  

Ensuring The Right Outcomes

An Enterprise field service software has specific modules to handle the toughest service operations. Our customers can complete work orders with our application, automate maintenance contracts, and manage complex projects with job costing abilities. But that’s only a small part of the story, as our MobilePro mobile app adds value to your technicians in the field, and our library of integrations speeds up your business processes by automating your business.  

Our Professional Services team ensures value through our deployment process. But more importantly, we get it right for your business outcomes. Our field service solution is designed to fit the outcomes your business needs. What does that mean for our customers? 

Higher ROI 

An investment in field service software is a significant investment for any business. With a customizable approach to implementing our system, we increase the return-on-investment. We do this by ensuring each part of your system works to fit your business process, rather than forcing your business to change to a pre-packaged defined solution. Each field service business is unique, and their solution needs to be just as unique and flexible as the business itself to achieve the highest ROI. 

Seamlessly Integrate 

Field service applications are not the only software solutions service businesses use. Enterprise operations use CRM, ERP and accounting systems, project management tools, and subcontractor management workflows to grow their service team, along with many other applications. To ensure the highest ROI, those systems need to be integrated with your field service software to automate processes and expand the scale of the entire field service deployment. Professional services will integrate those software solutions, as well as find customizable ways to use the data they provide to fit your workflows and outcomes.  

Industry Expertise 

It can’t be understated how important it is to have a Professional Services team who knows the businesses they handle. By knowing the demands of each industry, Professional Services can project manage a successful deployment, but also reduce the risk of errors in that deployment and workflows because they understand the industry demands. That’s how we achieve long-term success with our customers, not just by providing the tools for success, but also industry knowledge.  

The Enterprise Customer Journey 

There are many steps to a successful deployment of a field service application. And it goes well beyond just simplifying turning the system on and rolling it out to your team. Professional Services has worked with hundreds of clients to not just plan and build the best flexible field service system possible, but they also continue to look for opportunities to expand that system to gain even more value. Hundreds of enterprise-level customers have gone through this journey, achieving a higher ROI because of it. 


Plan: Through planning, Professional Services learns your business exactly. They learn about your processes, the outcomes you desire, and the modules and systems you want in a place to build a plan to achieve a successful deployment, rollout, and adoption from your entire team. Deployments can be multi-stage processes, working through each module to get your business where it needs to be while ensuring success each step of the way. 

Build: With the blueprint in place, our Professional Service team begins building your solution to your requirements. This means customizing the workflows and processes behind our system to display the outcomes you requested. With a configurable application, Professional Services can tailor the system to meet your specific needs and requirements.  

Rollout: When your system is ready to go live, Professional Services is there to ensure the application is ready, tested, and meets your needs and specifications. Our team ensures each module, integration, and application is prepared to meet the demands of the real world.  


Adopt: Getting the system live is only half of the journey, as the Professional Services team continues to engage your team to ensure the adoption of the new system. High adoption rates increase ROI in your system and ensure users are successful. It’s also a chance for customers to engage with our team to provide feedback on real-world applications that could use adjustments as the system starts to enhance going forward. 

Value Gain: With the system in place, Professional Services continues to monitor the field service software and the metrics from it to ensure the desired outcomes are being met. This goes beyond simple break/fix thinking, as Professional Services will review and seek opportunities to expand the system to add value in areas that have already rolled out, and future module deployments.  

Expand: When new opportunities have been identified, Professional Services will help expand the use case of your field service software to include these new processes, adding new functionality, modules, and integrations that will continue to enhance the system you invested in. This enables you to scale your business and continue to grow your opportunities.  

Continue to Add Value 

Professional Services has achieved success for hundreds of customers in the HVAC, IT, Voice and Data, Fire and Life Safety, Industrial Equipment, Oil and Gas, and Facilities industries, in large part because of the expertise our team has. That knowledge, coupled with a customizable system, has ensured the successful deployment of field service applications across the world. 

Professional Services thrives in managing these complex projects from planning to expansion, as they continue to find value to add to your outcomes, beyond your initial blueprint. With Fieldpoint, our customers have automated and streamlined their service processes, and they have expanded their business into new opportunities. A customizable system and an experienced Professional Service team can go beyond what your business is simply accomplishing today and can alter the path you envision your business taking in the future.