How Can Mobile Resource Management Solutions Improve Productivity?

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Last updated Jan 6, 2020 at 11:00AM | Published on Nov 13, 2012 | Blog, Mobile App & Checklist

Time is money for mobile service providers. That’s why mobile resource management solutions are an integral part of improving performance and reducing costs.

An article on Construction Executive’s website highlights how one material handling equipment and services company saved about $400,000 in one year by lowering the average number of hours its technicians worked each day without any loss in productivity.

“Mobile resource management solutions integrate real-time GPS vehicle tracking and navigation tools with automated scheduling, dispatching and route optimization applications, as well as job status tracking and two-way one-touch canned messaging to improve efficiency,” Construction Executive explains.

Merging GPS vehicle tracking and navigation tools so that they integrate with your service management software can improve productivity and reduce administration costs. This way, your service software can download schedules and changes.

It also means that dispatchers can see where technicians are at any given time. When a new call comes in, the dispatcher can use the GPS function to easily find the closest available technician and send them to the call.

Field services companies also can collect arrival and departure times automatically from the GPS system, which is a significant time saver. It virtually eliminates the need for technicians to collect timesheet information, which is one of the most talked about technician administration complaints.

Source: Construction Executive, October 2012