Why Your Field Service Business Should Go Digital

Field Service

Last updated Nov 2, 2023 at 7:23PM | Published on Nov 4, 2019 | Field Service

Field service industries can no longer survive if they operate in the way they used to. Customers expect speedy and convenient services in this digital age. Just imagine if the only means of protecting a home or business was through telephone calls or on-site guards? Businesses, such as security system businesses, can only be profitable if they go digital and use technology (like remotely monitored cameras and alarm systems) to their advantage. These types of features are found with field service software, which only 25% of businesses are using.

Field service software can use data collected from device sensors to remotely monitor, repair, upgrade, or control devices — such as security cameras, HVAC units, or home medical devices. In instances of burglary, the need for a telephone is replaced by a remotely controlled and monitored camera that dispatches police to the scene.

Field service software can even help businesses schedule work orders, dispatch service technicians, track labor hours and job statuses, and invoice completed jobs. Instead of using traditional paper forms, which are subject to human error, this software can allow for more accurate record-keeping and quicker fulfillment. In addition, field service software has special features — such as location tracking, calendars, maps, and schedules — that make conducting business easier and more time-efficient.

Perhaps one of the best things about field service software is that it can be used across multiple industries, including security service, medical, industrial equipment, HVAC, and fire industries. It can maximize revenue, conduct compliance inspections, increase productivity, and shorten payment cycles. This kind of software is therefore incredibly versatile and highly in-demand.

By going digital, businesses can reduce operating costs, especially by eliminating paper processes that are both costly and time-consuming. These digital tools can also more accurately predict demand for their services by collecting real-time data instead of relying on historical data. Costly service visits, miles travelled, and time spent can all be reduced with remotely monitored preventative measures, such as with an HVAC system. Service technicians can even check inventory, place orders, check their schedules, and take notes with new mobile capabilities.

Field service industries will ultimately be pleased by going digital because customers will be more pleased. You can present them with real-time information that will include service technician whereabouts, job status, estimates and more. They will feel as though they are receiving more attention and getting more value with field service software.

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