Unleash Your Field Service Potential with Fieldpoint’s Integration to NetSuite

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Last updated Oct 8, 2020 at 9:06AM | Published on Jul 20, 2018 | Blog, Field Service, Technology Trends, Whitepapers

If you run a field service organization, Fieldpoint’s field service management software offers the tools you’ll need to empower your technicians and make your service delivery more efficient, streamlining and automating many of the processes involved. From work order management, to advanced scheduling and dispatch tools, to a mobile field service app for technicians in the field, Fieldpoint has plenty of tools to make your operation run smooth.

All field service work should start with a field service management software which is designed specifically for the needs of the industry. Fieldpoint has helped many businesses in the field service industry improve their service delivery with our field service software solution, but we have also thought of what organizations would also need to run a successful business in the field service space. Things such as:

  • Easy access to customer information
  • Inventory and purchasing controls for parts
  • Fast invoice creation

So Fieldpoint now comes out-of-the-box ready with an integration to the NetSuite software, giving field service teams access to the CRM, ERP and accounting software, straight from within the Fieldpoint field service software.

A Comprehensive Field Service Software Solution

Field service organizations have a lot to handle in their day-to-day lives. Creating work orders, dispatching technicians, ordering parts, creating invoices, and keeping customers happy throughout the process. It requires a solution that can encompass all of these necessities and make it fast, simple and effective. Fieldpoint’s field service management software with our built-in integration to NetSuite will offer an effective management system for service activities, and help complete work orders, service level agreements and installation projects.

With the integration, service managers in Fieldpoint can access all their customer information and employee information in NetSuite, without leaving their own portal. The integration ensures all the information is mapped out across both systems so that no errors are made and any changes made are reflected across the entire system. It also gives managers access to inventory information, so when they are filling out a work order, they can see a real-time view of the amount of stock they have at any warehouse, and have it automatically changed when they attach it to a work order, consuming the part for a real-time look into inventory levels.

Field Service Software Relationships: Work Orders and Sales Orders

The power behind the Fieldpoint and NetSuite integration is the automation between the two systems. Work orders can be created from NetSuite when materials, parts and service contracts are sold. With a click of a button, a work order can be created with all the sold parts and equipment, ready to be installed or repaired, making it easy to convert sales into service.

Meanwhile, when a work order is created in your field service software, an adjoining sales order is created in NetSuite. When a part is consumed, or time and labor expenses are added from a mobile app onto the work order, they are automatically added to the NetSuite sales order. This ensures accurate billing for your customers, as well as increased the speed at which invoices are created. Once a work order is closed, the invoice can be finalized and emailed to the customer, lowering billing times from days and weeks, to minutes.

A Best of Breed Field Service Software Solution

If you’re a field service organization, starting anywhere but with a field service management software won’t give you all the tools you need to run an effective business. Service delivery is the most important part of your business and so you need a software that addressed the main needs of service delivery first and foremost, and integrates with other systems to complete a full system for your organization. Fieldpoint is a best of breed field service software solution that ensures your field service team has the right tools to offer effective service, with the integration to NetSuite for a complete end-to-end solution.  

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