Field Service Software Statistics to Make You Rethink Your Process

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Last updated Jan 3, 2020 at 4:40PM | Published on Sep 14, 2018 | Blog, Field Service, Mobile App & Checklist

There are plenty of ways to deliver fast, smart, and personalized service to your customers. The best field service organizations are doing it with a comprehensive field service management software. To put it simply, the future of field service is through a software solution. As competition continues to grow and customer demands continue to rise, the need for a solution that provides a superior customer experience with exceptional service is a must.

In the era of connected field service software, automation, and mobile field service apps, the days of manual field service processes are long gone. There are still plenty of organizations that are pushing paper, using whiteboards for scheduling and requiring their technicians to spend a lot of time doing administration work in their trucks, as opposed to moving on quickly to the next job site.

With customer expectations changing as they come to expect a near on-demand type of service from their providers, it is now up to field service organizations to meet that challenge and exceed it. They must find a way to revolutionize their service delivery if they expect to maintain the market share in their area. Field service organizations are more than capable of meeting these expectations and delivering smart, personal service. Here are some statistics that field service organizations should understand about the industry and where it is headed.

Only 48% Of Organizations Are Using A Field Service Software

In a growing field service industry, it’s hard to believe that the majority of field service organizations are still using manual methods to handle their field service work. We’re talking whiteboards for scheduling, paper-based work orders, and filing cabinets full of old work orders that must be combed through for a detailed service history.

It’s not a practical solution moving forward, especially when customers are expecting fast service. That’s why 48% of organizations are already on board with some form of field service management software to speed up their reaction time in the field and limit the amount of manual processes their technicians must complete, if not doing away with them for good.

Most organizations are turning to mobile field service software that comes with a mobile app to give technicians a better way of handling work orders, checklists and compliance reports in the field. This is opposed to carrying around clipboards and paper. When you add in new technology, such as Internet of Things, virtual reality and augmented reality devices, the gap between manual processes and a field service software technological-based solution is growing wider and wider. Field service organizations would be best to get on board with the changing trends in the industry before they are left playing catch-up to their competition.

45% Of Field Technicians Say Current Tools Are Not Fast Enough

One of the largest complaints from field service technicians is that their tools don’t hold up to the demands of the industry today. Customers are expecting high first-time fix rates and fast service, but technicians can get bogged down with slow manual processes and inadequate technology that hinders their ability to perform fast service or get the parts they need to complete a job.

Mobile field service software is putting speed into the technician’s hand, giving the technician the access to their work orders, inventory, service history and additional information at their fingertips, without having to make phone calls to request additional help. Less time spent with a pen marking down all the answers to a compliance checklist.

You can’t expect technicians to work fast with manual processes, and field service management software is designed to take all those manual processes and put them into an electronic form that can be completed quickly. It not only makes it faster for your technicians to get the information they need, but service managers can schedule them for more calls as they won’t be wasting valuable time on slow processes.

38% Of Service Technicians Can’t Access All the Information They Need

 On the heels of not having the tools to get information fast enough, technicians also aren’t getting the information they need in the field. Whether it be the status of parts and inventory, the ability to quote prices, or service history to assist in repairs, technicians are limited in what information they can get. Especially if they are using manual processes and are not working with a mobile field service software.

With a field service mobile app, technicians have the entire field service software in their hands. They can access inventory numbers to give customers exact information on parts or have access to quoting tools that turn the technician into a sales team member who can quote for additional service right on the job site. All this without needing to request a quote from the back office.

It’s also giving technicians the entire history of a piece of equipment in their hands. They can look up previous work orders on single pieces of equipment to help narrow down problems, or access manuals and guides to help them with repairs, all from their mobile app, as opposed to calling to head office to get someone on the phone to guide them.

Field Service Management Software is About Speed, Ease of Use and Exceptional Service

There are many reasons to investigate adding a field service software to your service organization. But the single reason that will drives organizations to do so is that it is simply a solution that can affect so many different areas of service delivery for the better. It makes scheduling and dispatching simple.Iit gives technicians the mobile solution they need in the field to be fast, while giving them the tool to get the information they need, and best of all, it’s easy to use.

With so many organizations still not on board with a field service management software, it’s the perfect time to get in front of the competition and start to change those manual processes into automated ones. Take your customer experience to the next level!